The Telltale Fluffy (directed by TheHunters)

(Title inspired by the telltale heart, by Edgar Allan Poe)

Life in the orphanage was pretty good, not gonna lie. Before ending here, I was owned by someone… not great. She kept me in a strange pen, in which I lived with my sisters. The smarty males and females got taken by the lady and never came back. Occasionally, I was allowed to have sex with one of the special friends. It was heaven and hell for me. Maybe because of my wings and the bright color of my fur, I was allowed to keep living. My fur was like the sky during the cold times. I don’t remember my mom, since I was separated from her since birth, handed from a mister to the lady I lived with. My fur had weird white puffs, making it look like the white little dots in the sky at the time of darkness. I dreamt of flying throughout the sky with the dots by my side. She even gave me a name: Andromeda. I had two babies, but they were separated from me as well. Only now, in my last hours, I can remember them. One foggy night, someone broke into the pen. I heard stabbing and crushing, like when the lady crushed my back legs for not wanting to have sex with a fluffy I didn’t like.

After that, two monsters with sorry boxes came. They took me and the herd into the boxes and then dropped us in the place they called the orphanage. I missed the lady for a while, but then, another lady, called the Teacher, adopted us in this orphanage. She even had somehow made some other Fluffies do her bidding, like she was some sort of puppeteer, with these nurses under her command. They took us to the bedrooms, kept us from going out, frequently went to visit the Teacher… it was pretty strange, but something positive about the place was that they regularly served spaghetti, although this one felt tastier and messier. It always left a red stain on the plates. One day, I discovered why. It wasn’t long after I was adopted (again), but I wandered into an area that was prohibited for us Fluffies. Up to that point, the Teacher hadn’t punished gravely any Fluffy, only giving them a spank with her numbered sorry stick, which she called a “ruler”, or taking them into their office and doing something mysterious, after which the Fluffies behaved better, so I hoped that the punishment wouldn’t be so severe. After going through a hole in the wall that reeks of old cheese and mice monsters, I arrived in “the kitchen”.

It was a mistake to go in there.

From the walls hanged many people, some living, and the other ones without much skin nor flesh. Among the living, there was the lady that took care of me before coming here. She had a flashy paper on top of her mouth, and her hands were tied and hanging on a metallic pointy thing. I looked fear in her eyes. Although she had been bad with me before, I couldn’t just let her die. I tried looking for a way to get her off, but her hands were too high up. Then, the Teacher arrived, with a tall monster by her side, so I hid by a crack in the wall, leading to the green forest. While the Teacher carried a sharp sorry stick, the monster had a machine that made little, sharp sorry sticks move, cutting whoever it touched. I hoped that the Teacher would save us, but instead, she kissed the monster and began hitting my owner with her stick. After a while, the pieces were all aligned. The spaghetti we ate wasn’t spaghetti.

It was human flesh.

My suspicions were confirmed as the monster took a dead human and took out the eyes, the bones, the brain… I almost puked. Then, the monster grabbed a chunk of flesh and bit into it. This time, I did puke. I began running away, but a machine with cheese attached to it grabbed my front leg, alerting the monsters. I began quickly biting and pulling my leg, eventually ripping it out and walking free into the woods. My vision was blurred. Then, I heard a creak and I felt a big and sharp sorry stick on my back, thrown by the Teacher. I managed to get into a bush, and ate one of the berries. I couldn’t even think well now, the taste of the berry made my insides feel strange. I took off my collar and wrote into it everything I knew, and with the last strengths I had, I walked as far away from the orphanage as my bleeding little heart could. Goodbye, cruel world.


Evidence of the Winchester case no. 16:
A dead Fluffy. Poisoned with deadly nightshade, missing one of its legs and with a throwing knife on its back. Found by the road by inspector Holmes. It had a piece of paper with weird scribbles in its mouth, possibly a note trying to say something, but the handwriting is so atrocious, we can’t make out what it says. Based on the knives from the last victim, we can confirm it was by the Huntress. Further investigation required.


The ending killed me😆

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Glorious human-abuse.

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Let’s see how long it takes until the Hunters and their fluffies get kuru or worse…

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