The Torture Post (AMPathy05)

This is the mini prequel to Backyard Good Feels. Less about Ginko herself and more about her toy.

Kuroto long since knew of his Fluffy’s sociopathic tendencies and misanthropic… or is it misequinic? Either way, Ginko has a VERY low opinion on her own kind. But hey, she is intelligent enough to never cause trouble or even inconveniences to him.

She’s all those things but she will never be a shit fountain like most fluffies at least. It’s a good tradeoff he thought.

Kuroto hammers the wooden post into the ground of his backyard. Mostly because there will be less clean up when they torture and kill any feral dumb enough to invade their home, which is often.

“Ok.” Said Kuroto. “Think this should be enough. You can tie anything at the base and do what you want them.”

While seem improbable, but Ginko is skilled at tying knots despite her only doing it with her mouth and hooves. So she should be fine on her preoccupation.

“…Den wai make it taww?” Ginko asks.

“Oh, I can just handle tying ferals on the top.” Kuroto shrugs. “You can leave that to me.”

Ginko shakes her head. “Wat ib Ginko wan to tie dummeh fwuffies to da top bu Daddeh no awound?”

“Uh, for what reason?” He looks down at her quizzically.

Ginko lifts her head towards him. “Ib in case…”

While Kuroto finds it unnecessary, and he DOES get and build some stuff to allow Ginko to gain access to things. Like a dispenser or a fluffy safe ladder. But he has a feeling that she doesn’t like the idea of being limited.

“…hm… I guess I could put in some additions to the post.” Kuroto puts a hand to his chin. “Hm… should I build a platform or… no, that might not be stable enough and that will use a lot of materials…”

“How abou slidies fow upsies and downsies on da post?” Ginko asks, gesturing the motions with her hoof.

“Sliding? Not sure if- …” That was actually a good idea, he thought. “Ginko, you fucking little genius. I’ll get the plywood.”

What he did was that he measured out a layer around the post and promptly cut out the pieces from the plywood and nail them together and slides that short layer onto said post.

To make for Ginko to be able to raise it is to attach a double pulley system on top of the post. It was difficult making it all fit by the way. And then screwed in U-clamps at the sides to tie the thin rope onto, connecting to the pulley and making the rope long enough for Ginko to reach and pull.

And lastly, he ties in a screw hook at the fence behind the post.

“So that took a bit out of my allowance and most out of my weekend, so you better be grateful about it.” Sighs Kuroto, stepping back to look at the contraption.

“Oh, Ginko is vewy gwateful.” Grins Ginko.

“Well have fun with it.” Yawns her owner as he heads inside. “School’s tomorrow for me.”

Ginko watches him as she then continues to admire the craft. While crude and took a bit of effort adding it onto the post, it doesn’t look to shabby. Hoping it is at least functions as it was intended.

So what better to test it?

And she has an inkling what would be its first victim.

“Mummah wubs babbeh…” Sings a fluffy mare to her children as they fed on her teats. Or rather just one as the others just watched and have to wait for their turn. “Babbeh wubs mummah… Bestest Babbeh dwinkies aww da milkies Bestest wans to be big nd stwong!”

She coos, ignoring the rest of her spawn.

Despite her personal gripes with her own kind, Ginko pities the children for having such a shit mother. She watches the Bestest Baby suckle to his very fill in her disgust. She knows that he will grow up to be such an entitled sociopath. Might as well save everyone the pain and the trouble as she took it upon herself to nab the Bestest Baby off the mare’s breasts by the back folds of his neck.

“MUMMAH!!! HEWP!!!” Screams Bestest Baby as he shits upon Ginko’s chest in terror.

Ginko gags as the Bestest is between her teeth, she’ll have to clean THAT off herself later…


You still have your other kids, you insufferable cow, Ginko said mentally. Unable to talk at the moment, so she just back hoofs her.

“DUMMEH MUMMAH!” Screeches the little shit. “WAI NU SAB BESTEST BABBEH!!?”

Ginko just walks off with her prize. Its mother bemoaning her lost child as the rest takes opportunity to get their fill now that their favored sibling is gone.

Would the bitch mare smack and crush them under her hooves for it? Ginko doesn’t really care. Because right now… she got a new toy to play with.

Ginko slams the Bestest Baby on the ground at the base of the pole.


Ginko leans down at him, her face an inch close to his, her eyes widen with contempt.

“Ginko dawe ou to twy.” She lifts a hoof as above Bestest. “Ginko can jus find anothah anyway. Cawse do ou wanna die?”

Bestest shrinks back in fear, all of his bravdo went out the window from the threat of death. It can only cry and chirp.

“M-mummah-!” He weeps, “Sab- sab Bestest Babbeh! P-peep! Peep!”

Ginko leans back to her original posture. He could very well run at this point. He isn’t tied up yet. Thank the Sky Daddy that they are so DUMB. Ginko picks up a twine as she goes around the post a few times, the twine laying and layering over the foal and the layer of plywood he was against to.

Behind it, she places her hoof on the other end and slides it back with the twine following the pull. And it slowly tightens, ensuring that foal doesn’t go anywhere even after the realization.

In a few swift motions of her head, looping under and over the tightened twine held by her hoof, then caught the last loop between her teeth and pulls forming the knot.

“Eeep-!” Yelps the foal as it wriggles around, trying to get himself free.

“Hey, does dummeh babbeh wan upsies?” Ginko reaches her mouth onto the rope, attached to the pulley screwed on top of the post.

“U-upsies? It gub upsies?” Asks the foal excitedly, forgetting the danger he is in.

“Yea, very gud upsies. Ginko wiww make dummeh babbeh, FWY!” She grabs the rope between her teeth and runs forward. Jerking the rope, pulling on the loose layer of plywood upwards with the foal tied to it.

“SKREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Screams the foal, luckily out of feces to eject onto the pole itself, as he reaches the top.

Ginko wraps and ties the rope onto the hook on the fence and steps back to look at her handiwork. Well, mostly her owner’s, but it works alright. Now for the fun to begin.

“It nu gud upsies! Too high! Too high!!!” The foal flails his hooves about in terror.

Calm the hell down, she thought, it’s only about three feet tall. Ginko then went back into her house to grab something for her game she intends to play.

“Big dummeh!” Shouts Bestest. “Wet Bestest Babbeh down NAO!!!”

Paying no mind, she continues.

Moments later, she returns out to the backyard with a small wooden cart with a slingshot nailed on the front, proping upright. As now the game begins.

Ginko places a metal marble into the slingshot’s cup. “So do Bestest Dummeh Babbeh wan nyu namesies?”

“Nyu… nyu namesies?”

“Cawse Ginko hab nyu namesies fow ou.” She lays down her hooves, pulling back the cup with her teeth as the rubber stretches, closing one eye to aim down the sights. “Ginko names ou… Tawget Pwactice.”

She lets go as the marble is s

Which said marble finds its way into Bestest Babbeh’s right hind leg.

“SKREEEEEEEEEE!!!” He screams on pain.

Fluffies, especially the foals, are know to be very fragile. Fragile enough to even take damage from an airsoft or a BB gun of all things as it it were hit by a real gun. But a slingshot fired even by a fluffy will prove just as devastating perhaps slighly more.

“Ooh. Ten pownts.” Ginko sucked in hiss of disappointment. She then readjust her aim and fires again. This time, taking out the foal’s left eye. Making him scream and cry out for his mommy.

“Twenty pownts!” Said Ginko in satisfaction. “Whewe ewse Ginko shoot next?”

“Wai take Bestest Babbeh seeing pwace nd gib wowstest owwies!?” Squeals the foal. “Am onwy a wittle babbeh!”

“Ou may be wittle babbeh…” Ginko looks down the sights. “Bu ou wiww gwow to be a bad dummeh. So Ginko hab funsies gibbing ou worstest hurties tiww ou ged fowevah sweepies.”

A twack of rubber rang out as the marble pierces into the foal’s gut. Making him scream once more.


“Nu teaws pwease, dummeh babbeh!” Ginko grins in absolute malice. “It onwy waste ob gud suffewing!”

Another pellet shot out, right into the torso. And another, right through the left ear. And another, right into his special lumps. Oh that made him scream REAL loud.

As she reaches for another, she finds the cart empty.

“Aw. Owt ob ammo.” Ginko taps on the airsoft rifle, lamenting.

“Do… do dat mean Bestest Babbeh be wet down nao…?” Wheezes the foal.

“Hm. Nu.” Ginko goes back into the house, and drags a small bag with her mouth right back to her spot. “Dat wai Ginko bwought mowe.”

The color flushed out of the foal face like his hopes of ever surviving. Just being target practice to this monster of a fluffy, grinning as she takes out more and more pieces of him. Until at last one marble when straight between his eyes, ending his pain.

“Dang.” Said Ginkp disappointed. “Ginko kiwwed dummeh foal. Thoughd dummeh wast wonger.”

Well. At least the test run was a success. Now for a bigger guinea pig.

An orange fluffy crawls out under the fence of his backyard, triumphant in his freedom from his stupid family. All because they refuse to fulfil his simple request.

His own mare to fuck and bear his foals. Surely they could grant it, but no! They ask of him to understand but he refuses to because William ALWAYS gets what he wants. And what he wants now is a mare to fuck and bear his foals.

But where to start.

Without thinking, he wanders around the neighborhood, seeking for a single mare all on her lonesome. Which he does as he notices a silver mare seemingly in search for something.

“Hewwo!” Said William. “Am Wiwwiam! Wanna be speciaw fwiend?”

Ginko, while finds this request rather out of the blue, finds it that… yes, perfect.

“Am Ginko!” She replies. “Ob couwse wanna be speciaw fwiend!”

Like a rabbit in heat, William pounces at her with his erection out in the open. But Ginko just raises a hoof to stop him.

“Howd it… do ou wan nummies befowe ou gib Ginko speciaw huggies?”

Come to think of it, William hasn’t eaten anything in… like… several minutes? It was long enough to give him the hunger pangs. Alright. Nummies first, then enfies.

“…Otey! Ou hab sum nummies?”

“Suwe, daddeh made sketties back at housies.”

William, being a fluffy, really can’t resist the prospect of getting spaghetti. Ginko meanwhile, despite being one, rather prefers other foods that ISN’T pasta related. …she actually prefers Japanese Curry.

That being said, William follows Ginko back to her home. Sketties AND Enfies. Today’s a good day for Willaim. Or at least so he thought.

“Awwright, sketties awe wight thwough hewe.” She points to the small opening under the wooden gate to her backyard.

“Fanks, nyu speciaw fwiend!”

As William tries to get under the opening, Ginko goes to pull out the sorry stick she stashed nearby and follows under.

“Huh? Whewe da sketties nyu speciaw fwiend?” William is looking around with his back turned to her, as he then gets twacked at the back of the head. Knocking him out cold.

Ginko spits out the stick, “Dummeh fwuffy. Ou shouddah stayed at yow housies.”

Wasting no time, she grabs him by the tail with her mouth as she pulls him towards the post. While taking a lot of effort because damn, he is heavy.

Using the twine, she slips it under William’s face and against his neck. So she could pull on both ends once she gets behind the post to prop him upright. But not too tight to the point he suffocates to death. Wouldn’t want him to die TOO quickly.

For good measure, she wrapped the piece of rope around the waist and makes THAT as tight as she could and use that neck-work to tie the knot. However, midst tying, William wakes up from sheer discomfort.

“H-huh? Whewe am Wiwwiam…-ACK!”

“Ou wakies awweady?” Ginko peeks from behind the post.

“Ib… ib dat ou, nyu speciaw fwiend?” William tries to turn his head to look, but his degree vision is limited from his current position.

“Shaddap. Ginko am nu speciaw fwiend.” Ginko steps into his view. “Dummeh, wai ou wun fwom home?”

“Wa- Wiwwiam wan Speciaw Fwiend nd hab babbeh to make hewd!” Exclaims William. “Wiwwiam am gud fwuffy! Wiwwiam desewves hewd!”

“Gub fwuffy nu wun way fwom famiwy.” Ginko rolls her eyes. “Habbin Babbehs ib obahwaded, Ginko finks ib too much wowk.”

“Bu-! Habbin Babbehs ib da bestest fing of aww!” Said William surprised by her response. What mare DOESN’T want to have foals?

“Mowe Bestest dan habbin nummies evewday? Mowe Bestest dan habbin toysies aww to ousewf?” Ginko replies walking towards the house. “Ib Ginko hab babbehs, Ginko wiww nu hab aww dose fings. Habbin to gib miwkies evewyday, hab to sing aww da time if babbehs cwy. Wikw Ginko sei. Too much wowk.”

“Bu ou make nu sense!” Shouts William.

“Nu, OU dummeh make nu sense!” Ginko comes out with a cart with a bottle and a bag. “Wai wouwd Ginko wan Babbehs? Woud, scweamy, dummeh, babbehs? Ou wun way fwom housies, fwom gud nummies, fwom aww dose toysies, jus too hab a mawe nd sum babbehs? Dat da mos DUMMEH fing Ginko ebah heawd.” She then pulls the cart close to William. “Bu at weast aww dat dummeh finking wiww nu spwead.”

“Wa… wa am Ginko gunna do to Wiwwiam?” He eyes at the items worryingly.

Ginko grins as she says nothing. As she then tips the bottle for its red cap to point at William. She then flips open the cap with her hoof and positions herself behind the bottle. And gives said bottle what the Fluffies call the “Worstest Stompies”, as its liquid contents sprayed on William.

“SKREEE-! WAWA BAD FOW-” William panics as he then notices something about the liquid that covers him. It… it was sweet! Very sweet, as he licks his lips to get more of the stuff and tries to reach his tongue towars his chest where it most gathered.

“Wike it? Ib wat daddeh caww sywup.” Said Ginko. “Ginko did ask ib Wiwwiam wan nummies, wight? Cawse Ginko hab mowe.”

She pulls out the bag by her teeth and holds it with her hoof on top of it as she manages to tear it open… then dumps its contents on his head as it cascades down his body.

“Wat is dat!?” Exclaims the runaway.

“Sunfwowew seeds.” Ginko replies with a smirk. “Dey awe nummies fow hoomins. Nd awso nummies fow biwdies.”

“…biw-biwdies?” Said William. “Ou mean…”

Ginko just giggles maliciously as she goes around back again to pull on the rope that was attached to the plywood layer that William was tied up on. Hoping that pulley system attached on top works its magic.

It took some effort, but she managed to hoist him up to the top.

“Wet-! Wet Wiwwiam downsies!” He flails his limbs about. “Nu wike bad upsies!”

Ginko wraps the end of the rope on the hook and steps back. Turning her head side to side to pop her neck from the soreness of all that pulling and tying.

“Wiww- Wiwwiam wiww be gud Fwuffy nao!” Shakey in tone, he looks down at Ginko. “P-Pwease wet Wiwwiam downsies so Wiwwiam gu back to mummah and daddeh?”

“Hmm… hmmm…” Ginko shifts her eyes around while tilting her head. “Otey. Ginko wiww teww Mistuh Biwdie to ged ou out nd fwy ou to ou mummah nd daddeh! Jus stay wight there.”

“F-fank ou…” William sighs in relief, while Ginko just walks into her home.

And she doesn’t intend to come out yet. Because she is going to watch the scene unfold from her window, safe indoors.

Some minutes pass, and a flock of crows gathers and perch on the fence. Eying the seed covered fluffy. As then on lone bird lands on top of the post.

“Ib… ob day ou Mistuh Biwdie?” Asks William. “Ou bwing fwiends to bwing Wiwwiam homesies?”

Curious and, no pun intended, peckish, starts to peck at him to get a seed.


Seemingly not caring, the crow pecks away at him. Trying to get the seeds stuck to his fluff, though getting little bits of his soft flesh with it. Deciding that it was safe, the flock decends.


William squeals in pain as he was being picked apart. His vision obscured by flapping black wings and beaks piercing and tearing at his flesh, seasoned by sweet table syrup and salty shelled sunflower seeds.


Then his eye get punctured and pulled out.


His screams and peeping were drowned out from the caws and the beating of wings. Even IF anyone hears him, they will not even bother helping a shitrat like him. And if, by chance, his owners find him, they won’t bother saving him either since he disobeyed and ran from home. The tragedy of being a fluffy. So lacking in self-preservation that they are easily replaceable.

Kuroto finally comes home from school as he notices a flock of crows gathering at his backyard. Well, they are actually called a “murder”, and murder is apt as he looks at the scene as it scatters away. Revealing an orange fluffy laying on the grass with his bindings torn, half of his flesh torn off his bones, lost all but one of his limbs, missing an eye from his sockets, and yet SOMEHOW it is still breathing.

“P…pwease… hewp…” Wheezes William. “Need… huggies… to make huwties… go way…”

“…I see that you had fun, Ginko.” Said Kuroto.

“Yep.” Replies his pet.

“I’m getting the shovel.” Kuroto goes back into the house.

Ginko may have to help with the clean up, but at least she enjoyed her new toy. Because she isn’t done with it yet. And there is no end to her creativity.