The Trade Ch.2 [by ChungusMyBungus]

The man woke again the next morning. It was the second day of the fluffies living in his home. Fortunately for him, it was also the first day of the weekend, so he had plenty of time to deal with them before he had to go back to work on Monday.
Regardless, he’d forgotten to change his alarm, and so had woken up at 6am to grey skies and a dehydration headache. He was about to go back to sleep, when he thought of something even better.
He quickly dressed and went out to the shed, trudging tiredly across the grass. He couldn’t hear any babbling from outside, but could hear faint breathing and what could only be described as high-pitched snoring.
They were still asleep.


The man wrenched the top door open, letting it slam hard against the wall with a loud 'BANG!
The entire herd jolted awake, some even squirted out a burst of liquid shit in fear, while others began crying, all babbling about ‘SCAWY’ and ‘MUNSTAH’.
Finally they all calmed down enough to realise there was some light pouring into the room, and all turned to see the man looking into the shed at them.
“Alright. Get out.” He said.
“Huh? Wha?” The leader mumbled, looking around confused. They’d had a deal, hadn’t they…?
The man knew what he’d be thinking, and stepped in to correct him.
“I said you could stay for the night. The night is over, it’s morning now. That means it’s time for you to go.”
“Hewd… gu…?” The leader asked, unhappy with the prospect of losing the herd’s warm shed, especially after he’d given so much for them to get it in the first place. Not only that, but the early hour of the morning made it seem even shorter than it had been. After all, the sky still looked murky and dark… it was only just morning at best.
The man looked at the herd, and smirked.
“That’s right. Unless… you’d be willing to trade.”
Once again, the herd went still. Even the leader was unsure of what to do.
The shed was warm, it was safe, they liked it, but to get anything… they had to give something too! It was like some kind of… of mutual arrangement that both parties consented to! That wasn’t fair at all!
“Wha wan’…?” The leader quietly asked, evidently fearing for his other testicle.
The man looked around at the herd. He wasn’t sure what to ask for anymore. Then he remembered how callous they’d all been the day before, willing to let a foal die in exchange for keeping their voices.
So he decided to up the ante.

“Last time, I took one of your special lumps. Remember?”
The leader nodded slowly. He would never forget that.
“Good. Because now I want the second lump… and your dick.”
The leader audibly gulped.
“Yoo wan… no-no stick?”
“That’s right. You’ll never get to make foals in your life again, you’ll never have ‘good feels’ again. You’ll have to give up your last ball and your dick… in order to keep your herd safe. Are you prepared to do that?”
The leader thought for a moment, while the rest of the herd was silent.
After about thirty seconds, the leader made a decision.
“Nu. Wan keep wump n’ stick.” The leader said quietly. “Hewd weave housey.”
The herd grumbled. The man glanced at them and smiled to himself. They were unhappy with the leader’s decision, just as the mare had been the day before. They weren’t being asked to give anything up themselves, but they were still going to lose out on their nice new home… and that wasn’t fair!
So the man decided to give them another choice.

“Okay, you’re right.” He said. “I suppose I’m being unfair. You’ve already given up one lump already.”
“Den hewd stay?” The leader asked brightly.
“No. Not unless you have something to trade.” The man said, leaning closer to the leader over the closed lower half of the shed door. “I asked for your ball and your dick, you didn’t want to hand them over… so instead, you get to pick one of the herd for that instead.”
The entire herd gasped.
“Weadew pick?” The leader asked, processing the proposition slowly.
“That’s right. You get to pick. Pick one of the herd, I’ll take their genitals away forever. In exchange, you all get to stay in the shed for another night.”
The leader looked at the herd, biting his tiny lip. It was impossible! He couldn’t choose any of his herd, that wasn’t fair! But also… he didn’t want to give up his own special parts! They were too important! And he’d already given up ONE of his special lumps! Isn’t it high time someone else gave up something? Okay, fine, that mare gave up her foal, but anyway…

“Weadew… weadew pick… pick yoo.” The leader said quietly, pointing a trembling hoof at one particularly fat mare that was slumped at the front of the herd.
“WHA?!” She yelped, wobbling to her feet.
“Weadew pick yoo! Gib up speshul pwace fow hewd!” The leader barked at her, determined to save what remained of his own mutilated genitalia.
If the leader could blush, the man was certain he would’ve turned bright red at that point, but he stayed his same dark yellow colour as before.
“D-DAT NU TWUE!” The leader snapped, stomping his hooves on the wooden floor of the shed. “DUMMEH MAWE! WEADEW JUST PICK YOO COS… COS YOO DEWE!”
“So. Her?” The man said, interrupting their babbling baby-talk argument. The leader looked at him, grunted, and nodded firmly.
“NU! NU FAIW! NU FAIW!” The mare squealed, attempting to run away from the door, but her flabby bulk made her progress incredibly slow. The man easily reached in and plucked her out of the herd, lifting her up by one leg.
“Okay. I’ll be back in a minute.”
And with that, he turned and left, closing the top half of the door behind himself.

Neutering the mare was relatively easy. Well, not for her, but for the man it was simple. He dumped her in the bath-tub while he held a screwdriver to the flame of a blowtorch, heating it until it was red hot. When it was, he then simply stabbed it into her vagina, rattled it around and pulled it back out, then used the blowtorch to ‘close’ her up once and for all, melting the flesh together. By the time he was done, a rather gruesome scab had formed all across her vagina, preventing any possible penetration and ensuring that even if a particularly determined stallion managed to jam something through it, there would be nothing left inside for her to reproduce with. She could still urinate, just like any fluffy, but she would never be able to have ‘special hugs’ ever again.

He carried the snivelling, sobbing, shivering mare back out to the shed, but slowed his steps as he approached. He could hear something, some kind of commotion coming from inside. The mare was too lost in her agony to notice it, but the man was alert.
There was a lot of babbling and some clattering and banging, but he was able to pick out something between it all.
Thump. Bang. Clomp. Wham. Thwack.
Finally the man reached the shed and, waiting for the right moment, wrenched the door open again. Once more light poured into the dark shed, temporarily blinding the fluffies as it assaulted their tiny eyeballs. They staggered away, reeling and spinning as they babbled about ‘monsters’ and ‘scary’, affording the man a few seconds to take stock of what had happened.

The leader was in terrible shape. He was lying on his side, wheezing heavily, blood dripping from his nose and rear. His fur was scruffy and in some places looked like it had been torn out, or even chewed up. His ears had definitely been bitten, there were visible bite-marks all along them, and one of his eyes was swollen shut, a Shiner for definite.
The man figured it out pretty easily.
The herd were so upset at the leader’s selfish choice that they’d taken it upon themselves to dispense some mob justice. So as soon as the man had left, they had ganged up on their leader and pounded him to the ground, beating and assaulting him while shouting at him for how selfish and terrible he was.
The man smiled again.
This was getting better and better.

“Hey!” He shouted, startling all the fluffies to pay attention to him, all except for the leader, who was caught somewhere between gasping for breath and sobbing his tiny heart out.
“What the fuck happened here?!” He asked the herd, even though he knew full well.
“Uhm… hewd nu know.” One of the stallions lied terribly. The man briefly noticed that the stallion in question had some still wet blood on his hooves.
“Is that so? Because it looks like your leader got hurt. Isn’t that a shame?”
“Uh… yus…?” Another of the herd answered, unsure.
“And that’s a real pity.” The man continued. “Because I bet you’re all getting hungry again, aren’t you?”
The herd didn’t respond, but, mentally triggered by his comment, a loud grumbling rumble was heard through the shed, emanating from several fluffy pony stomaches at once.
Yep. They were hungry again. Good.

The man heaved the fat mare back into the shed, lightly tossing her in, letting her land heavily on the herd while she continued to moan and sob for her brutally destroyed genitalia.
“So, who wants food?” The man asked. The herd immediately shuffled towards the door, but slowly, knowing there would be a catch just like before.
“Uhm… hewd hungwy…” One of the herd said quietly.
“Good. Because I’ve got more spaghetti if you want it.” He said. “But, same as usual, it won’t be free.”
“Wha wan?” The bloody-hoofed stallion asked, bitterly resigned to the herd’s fate. It was cruel and unfair, but there was nothing they could do except go with it for as long as they could bear.
The man knew this, and smiled. This was going to be a very easy choice for them.
“Well… your leader was very mean earlier, wasn’t he? He wanted that mare to be his special friend, she said no, so he handed her over to me to hurt her. Isn’t that just the worst thing ever?”
The herd nodded, mumbling amongst itself. It was a very mean thing to do to someone.
“So… if you all want some food today, here’s the deal. I’ll give you the spaghetti, in exchange for the leader’s special lump and his dick, like I asked before.”
“Buh… buh weadew dummeh sacwedy, say nu…” One of the herd said.
“Yeah… but that’s when he was deciding.” The man said, smiling at the herd. “This time, you get to decide. Do you think your leader deserves to keep his junk? Or would you rather sacrifice it for some food?”

The response was instant.

The entire herd was shrieking and babbling, but the decision was unanimous. The entire herd agreed, give up the leader’s junk in exchange for food. It was all he deserved.
So after only a few seconds, the man reached in and picked up the bloody, bruised, snivelling lump that was the herd’s leader, his dark yellow fluff mottled with dark bruises.
“Hear that, buddy?” The man asked the wheezing fluffy pony. “Your herd have decided. You’re gonna lose your junk anyway, all so they can eat. Isn’t that just the worst?

And so he turned, carrying the leader away to his bathroom once more, leaving him in the bath-tub while he readied the scissors and blowtorch once more.
And all the while, the leader whimpered and wheezed quietly, whispering pleas to spare his poor dick and his one remaining testicle. But the man couldn’t do anything about it… the decision had already been made.

Twenty minutes the leader was carried back to the shed, along with a large steaming bowl of dollar store spaghetti. The bowl and the leader were both placed inside, and the door closed again.
The man decided he’d had enough fun for one day, and went back to bed to finish off sleeping.
He was already eagerly anticipating the next day.



If i could offer a possible trade thst may or not fit in the story… what if the herd ( more specifically the mares) asked for toys or even simple wooden blocks for foals to play with but it comes with a price. Either a mare has her litter (or bestest babbeh) derped via needle lobotomy (or paralysed via needle on the neck take your pick) OR the chosen mare must pick someone else’s litter or bestest babbeh to pay the piper for blockie toysies.


I like this idea a lot.


Thanks, i just thought what else would a herd want besides spaghetti or a roof over their heads… it was honestly a spontaneous idea tbh

The leader didn’t anything wrong he helped with population control and is suffering for no reason at this point let my man get a come back story

Poor Leader… It’s actually a good Smarty Friend rather than those hellgremlin idiot Smarties… Just a bit skittish.

The guy really should dispense the trade offers to other members of the herd.

Yeah it’s mostly the guy’s sadistic choices that’s driving the negativity among the herd, but at the same time, he’s not exactly being GENEROUS. Think back to the first chapter, he was willing to give up a mare’s foal for food, but when it came time for him to sacrifice something (namely one of his two testicles) he decided ‘nah, it’s not worth it, let’s go’.

Even later, when the same mare was offered her foal back, none of the herd, not even the leader, was willing to sacrifice their voice to get it back. Some of them are nicer than others, sure, but at the end of the day they’re all just selfish bastards.


Yeah I guess you’re right but the way the story is going I think we know they’re gonna get their fair share of misfortune which I can’t wait to see🙂

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I really enjoy so far how at times the MC is caught off guard by the fluffies’ choices, too many Mc’s here are perfectly smart and never make mistakes :slight_smile:

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