The twisted one part 3 by (that1hugboxer)

What lie on the ground is something

You had only heard rumors about

A few months back, a story started circulating in the local fluffy community

About some escaped hasbio creation

You genuinely thought it was just tall tales being spun to pass the time

On the ground was an approximately 5 and a half foot tall naked woman with the lower body of a fluffy making her resemble a satyr

Her mouth and hands were caked with dried blood

Instead of hair she had a long mangled fluffy mane, on her forehead was a single horn protruding from the center

Her eyes had ringed pupils indicative of the fluffy cannibalism disorder

Hasbio’s supposed new product

Was insane even for hasbio standards

A human fluffy hybrid

Designed to accompany abusers
In their hobby Along with other “functions”

nymphet-sirens / faun-sirens

The mere concept gave off “my uncle works at hasbio” vibes

And yet here one was bleeding out on your property


Hasbio: We are gods, and you will bow before us!


Hasbios undoing will not come from the unethical experiments

But rather from over a decade’s worth of unpaid federal taxes


The one thing even the Joker feared, the IRS.