The waiting game part1 (Not_A_Wise_Man)



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Im confused… xD


Top right corner. The mare give birth to several foals. One was spared, one was put in a box, the others were killed. The story follows the two foals developing, one living without any kind of contact or stimulation, the other receiving all the love he ever wanted.


Ok, for what i understand, there is two fluffos, one raised with wub and the other totally isolated from any stimulation is going to be like a replacement of the dead one ?


Ah. I thought at the end they had replace subject 1 (and their special friend was waking up to) with the corpse of subject 2.


Okay so the babbeh in panel 5 and the one in the box in panel 6 are siblings? but the one in the box has had no contact with anyone? and panel 8 is the mummah and fullly frown babbeh from panel 5 and a special friend that was just added?

The Love bay and the Box baby are siblings.

Love Baby is always on the left panels. The Box Baby is only on panel 1, 2, 3, and 5 on the right.

The bottom panels are both Love baby waking up next to the skinned and chopped up corpse of his Special Friend. I’m gonna colour this as soon as possible since it’s very confusing.


The main problem is that the Box baby part doesn’t have any relevance to this part of the story, while the ending involves the special friend being killed for no reason.

Also you alternate between the right part being Box baby and the special friend, so it looks like they’re the same fluffy.

I’d very much like to see a conclusion of this, which I feel is missing.
Interesting concept and fresh style though^^

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