The white foal By Z05

Hello again, it’s me, introducing the mysterious white foal from my story. I couldn’t pass up the chance to draw her. What things await this little one? Well, sooner or later, you’ll find out.


Don’t forget your name after the title.

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That one of those non absorbent/rinseabIe covers?

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Hopefully something terrible. I’ve got a nagging itch to play badminton with it.

Hopefully good things, but I assume she too will be abused in some capacity.

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So they’re all girls, eh? Interesting. Something tells me this one will be accidentally exposed to something emotionally and/or psychologically traumatizing at some point, despite all of Professor Chadwick’s efforts to shelter her from such things. Hope not, fear so.

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Oooooh so precious! If that mad doctor hurts her… :rage:


Aww what cute lil foal.


Part of me wants to just go awwww. The other part wants to see how loud I can make it screech before it gives out