They Saved Smarty's Brain!

Don’t ask for you or your herdmates to not have forever sleepies when seriously wounded. Also note the fluffy probably wasn’t a smarty I just wanted to do a parody of they saved hitler’s brain…


Fun fact, Russians decapitated a dog and were able to keep it alive, so this is actually possible.


Hey, here’s a fun, if horrifying, bit of history that this reminded me of.

In 1940 the Russians released a filmreel, which is currently up on youtube with translation, called “Experiments in the Revival of Organisms”. Before I continue, I would recommend caution in watching it.

Personally I found it profoundly disturbing, and while I cannot predict how other people will react, I feel that a serious warning is in order because holy shitballs I had nightmares for a week.

In the filmreel, Soviet doctors used an experimental apparatus called the autojekor, which was basically an artificial heart and lung machine, and used it to keep a dog’s head alive after it had been surgically decapitated from its body. Image of the machine itself below, no canines in image.

They also claimed to have completely exsanguinated several dogs, then kept the bodies alive using the autojektor, followed by reintroduction of blood volume and resuscitation. The dogs were claimed to be unharmed and behaved normally after a recovery period.

While the validity of the experiments has been called into doubt, with some people claiming the heads only living for a few minutes on the machine, the machines themselves exist and are preserved in museums.

Also I feel it should be noted that the below image of an autojektor is not the only model that exists.

There was a later model that, as far as is known, was never tested.

It was designed for use on humans.

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You piqued my curiosity. Time to once again do something I know I may regret!

Yep, really sad… I saw some of the footage and was…disturbing, to say the least.

But, In that time, many anti-ethics procedures ware made “In the name of science!”, some wield good results where the fruits are still harvested today, but even the “good” projects did have a tint of cruelty in them…(Just read about the Pavlovian behavior pattern, and you will understand).

And about the autojektor, i don’t know if they would be planning to use it; but some years ago, a Russian doctor started to look for resources to make the first head transplant in Human; using the basis of the knowledge build by the experiments of Vladimir Demikhov, a Soviet surgeon who lived around 1956 and did it with dogs (and others animals).

And all of this, if you ask me, is REALLY fuckup. :slight_smile:


As a wise lion once said…


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