This month is december what should we do to the fluffies

So this month is December should we spare the fluffies this month or should we have Christmas or your December holiday with fluffies


The subreddit is currently marking this month as a Hugbox themed month. Personally, I like the idea of a secret santa and encouraging people to do fanart of each others fluffies


Being our first year, I’m not focusing on events so much as my regular conversations and commissions.
When we get into our second year, I’m hoping we can have something closer to an “event”


I’m hoping for events next year if you can pull it off with no bad things happening


Yeah I’m thinking the secret Santa might be fun and I believe that december is hugbox month


Hug box is tempting, but I personally see some sad box potential for fluffies that are alone on Christmas.

Dick deletion december

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My personal inclination is to start feeding them dried fruit so they’ll be perfectly flavored for a Christmas roast.

I think we should have a deweggification December special.

I will suck candy canes to a fine point, and jab them into a fluffy’s eyes. You know, to spread the holiday spirit.