This mummah will not wake up. (by: artist-kun)


Is that a sword?


This is great.

But you know what’s also great? The hip hop da hippy version. That one always makes me crack up.

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The rest of the family must be dead too.

Zeus thinking-hmmmmm it be a dick move to Zap that foal there-aims a bolt-very dick move

Ah, the naivety of fluffies.

Whoops, forgot one.

Time to make me a hammer-flat foal!

Well I found me a brown little feral one morn
Cryin’ for its mummah like the day it was born
Got me a hammer and the fella went splat
Took me a look, yup the foal it was flat!

Hammer-flat foal, hammer-flat foal
Ain’t nothing quite like a hammer-flat foal
Bones go a-crunch and to God goes the soul
Ain’t nothing quite like a hammer-flat foal


Hahahaha nice to see, how stupid this shit rats are. Foals and grown up shit rats don’t understand the concept between death or sleeping.

It’s Zeus, he’d turn into a fluffy and rape the foal.

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The expression on this foal’s face says otherwise. He’s just in denial.