Time to fly! (FB ID: 14956) (by: Thrash)


So cute, and so stupid.

This is a perfect illustration of why fluffies tend to do stupid shit. They have more capacity to reason than most animals, but not enough to compensate for diminished instincts.

If, like most animals, they relied on instinct, they wouldn’t try to fly. If they were better at reasoning, they would realize their wings couldn’t actually carry them. Instead, they are betwixt and between, and tend to do really stupid things.

Sorta reminds me of another species, now that I think about it.


Sooo cute!!! But bye little ones!


I love everything about this one! Always a favorite!

“I’ve never done it before and never actually tried, but of course I can do it!” -tragic comedy usually ensues…


Love the style part adorable part you want to bitch slap them for their stupidity and their fuckin panic mode on other stories.

Keep up the good work.


Imagine that you can fly as a fluffy, but not higher than 8 feet from the ground. Then, imagine having the herd think it’s going to fly in formation to a flight of ducks, only to be limited to flying 8 feet from the ground.

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