"Too innocent" (Part 2) by:MightyMorphinFluffy

A lot has happened since you brought the small colt home. He has opened his eyes and he has started crawling on his own with his only two remaining functioning legs. You’re having trouble thinking of a name for the little guy.

Maybe “George” since pegasi tend to be more curious than unicorns and earthies.

Curious George

“Wub daddeh!” The small foal says as he crawls towards you and hugs your foot.

“I love you too George”

“Namesie fow babbeh? Tank ou daddeh! Geowge wub namesie!” George says happily

“That’s right buddy! You have a name now! I’m glad you like it.” You say as you pick him up and let him nuzzle your cheek.

“Daddeh wan pway hide an seek?” George asks you excitedly.

“Sure buddy. I’ll count while you go hide.”

You put George down, cover your eyes, and start counting.

The small colt was surprisingly agile despite the fact his back legs didn’t work.

“Ready or not here I come!” you say as you uncover your eyes and begin to look for George.

You immediately hear a faint giggle from behind you and you turn around.

On the floor sits a small Cheeto bag that is moving ever so slightly. You peek inside and see George licking up the leftover dust from the chips.

“Found you” you whisper

George turns around to reveal the Cheeto dust packed into his face fluff.

George swallows the food and says “got miwkies?”

You begin to chuckle which turns into uncontrollable laughter and rolling on the floor as George begins to laugh with you.

“Where did you learn that?” You ask George

“George saw it on teebee.” George says

You pick George up and take him out of the bag before grabbing a bottle and filling it with milk so George can wash down the Cheeto dust.

“Yay miwkies! Tank yu daddeh!” George says as he latches onto the bottle and begins to drink it’s contents.

“You’re welcome buddy. Don’t drink too fast or too much though. You could get sick and we don’t want that.” You explain to George as he stops drinking and looks at you.

“Otay daddeh. Geowge undastan.” He assures you before latching back onto the bottle and drinks it slowly.

Before you can ask if he’s done his head falls backwards and his body goes limp.

You panic and sit him down on the kitchen counter but before you can do anything you hear him make a noise.

ZZZ-Zzzz-ZZzzz-hngGGggh-Ppbhww- zZZzzzZZ” the little colt snores as you breathe a sigh of relief. Taking care of this little guy is gonna be a handful


Gonna be slow with the additions to this series so I can make sure I’m satisfied with what I write this time around


Very good so far. Can’t wait to read more about the little guy.


I’m glad you like it. I have A LOT in store for our protagonists as well as the readers. Thank you for your feedback


He’s the type of fluffy you’ll never get bored around


Its cute seeing how he giggles and sleep after drinkin milk, just sad bout his lost legs :fearful:


Yeah it is pretty cute. I have plans for him to learn how to do things like other fluffies do them without the use of his hind legs


Ohhhhis adaptable , what brave lil fluffy

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I think you should have a fluffy before a kid So we can see how you parent but that would only be irl if this was real