【Oh no】

I’ll take five.

If they piss me off, at least they’ll be well cared for enough to be tasty.

I swear to Hashem on this shit, don’t even post it, like don’t even joke about torturing em. The reason torturing fluffies is funny is because they’re sapient not because they’re cute and neotenous. These are literally just smaller cows, mentally they’re cows not simulacra of toddlers, they’re just fucking cows.


Agreeing with @L.AVaught if they’re just animals and that’s it, the day we have true fluffies we will know because of the sudden increase of the smell of shit in the streets


And the sounds of enfing echoes through the alleyways.

H-highland calfs?

It has begun.

Completely agree. Unless a animal invades my property, I don’t go outta my way to maim them.


“The animal pissed me off, now i shall kill it slowly”

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And make it tasty while we’re at it

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Hey I never said slowly. Cows are goddamn adorable and far more trainable than a damn fluffy is. I’d at least do the humane thing and make sure that if I was going to eat one it didn’t suffer first.

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raising a calf to old age until it dies peacefully is killing it slowly

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That’s a bit of a specious argument but I’ll take your perspective into consideration.

EDIT: Derped ‘specious’ for ‘facetious’


oh yeah i was being facetious, the original comment idea had ‘hehe’ at the end

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Oh lovely. Humor is one of those things that tends to get lost when going to text only.


ye guys, the joke was “oh shit fall of cleveland irl we all gonna die of fluffy corona”

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Literally, never ever ever EVER should actual, real live animals be posted here. All of us are adamantly against the abuse of real animals, and placing real world creatures on this site blurs that. This should not be here.