Topsy-Turvy Shitass (H83r)


My new best friend.



Don’t kil him.
He must suffer like G did.
Submerse him in Gallium.


He will be the only fluffy I let live to old age.

Every day will be a torment.

But at least he will never be lonely.

@Stwumpo he will rival Racecar for most hopeless fluffy in the community.

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do you believe in gravity ?

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Good. He should dread every day for they wil introduce new horrors upon him.
He should keep his leggies, for they can bring him much pain and suffering.

Oh yes. He will be left intact in every facet, but mental.

He wil know no joy and half a god damn slinky is his only source of entertainment and comfort.

He will have no such thing.

That can will be his only friend up until he gets too big for it and even then, he will be stuck inside until I contrive some agonizing means to release him.

I can think up a few ways
String him up by one leg ( or his balls) and let gravity slowly do its thing after crushing the plastic sides, so the plastic shards are embedded with in his flesh.

Should take a while before the can finally slides off.

I like that it’s recording with its head, just to stream it to his chest screen.

Nice shake weight. :slight_smile:

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Believe me,

my cruelty will be slower and even more unrelenting than even this.

wait, why am i here?

It’s been so long since I’ve been posting regularly that I accidentally used my old handle lmfao. Fixed.

As for why the link goes to you,

Fuck if I know.

EDIT: I figured it out.

The Fluffy Shake Weightβ„’

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Shit Weight.

Gets more heavy the more the shitrat shits.

How much shit could a shitrat shit if a shitrat could shit shit

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Drown it in hubbardium.

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I’m intrigued. Elaborate?

Build a bigger can and open the small can into the big can

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