Totally a legit alicorn (by zBrugnauts)

I didn’t post in a bit because I don’t have any ideas
I want to make some abuse art if anyone has any interesting idea please write down
Anyway yesterday I finished reading Reasonable Hugboxer and I was so invested in it, hope I find any other fanfiction long and good like that one because now I feel kinda empty


Hmmm… idk if this is an idea you’ll like but here goes:
A psychological torment experiment. One fluffy or foal is given only spaghetti meals every day and the other is given just barely enough kibble to survive off of. One is morbidly obese, wheezing and struggles to move at all. The other is almost practically skin and bones and weak struggling to stand. One suffers from gastrointestinal issues (diarrhea, etc etc) and the other resorts to eating its own poop out of desperation to get more food.
In the end both are miserable as one begs for no more skettis and wants kibble instead whilst the other begs for a plentiful bowl of skettis.

Its like a fluffy version of the phrase:
“A man dying of thirst is envious of a man drowning.”

Also i didn’t give descriptors of the fluffies/foals because you can go any way you want with it. One could be a smarty and the other is well-behaved or they both are well-behaved or both are smarties, both can be colorful, or both “poopies” or a mix of the two, both can be stallions or mares or mixed (or if mares they can be soon-mummahs or already have foals) etc.
What im trying to say is i left it vague enough so you have freedom with it if you like the idea.


Hmm he should try it a few more time on other fluffies to make it perfect. It still needs some work on the hair and horn.

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“No refunds” is the only non-lie in this ad.


That’s actually a kind of impressive home surgery job.

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Noice. I can’t tell if he surgically tried to make the eyes more cutesy or if thats just the art style but I like the idea of fluffies getting crude hackjobs and being sold to more-money-than-sense hugboxers. Tickles my abuse bone

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