Traveler Part 2: Sweet as Honey (by Nundevwizer)

The figure stepped out from behind the low wall, revealing it to be a dark-gold colored fluffy with a pastel Pink mane that swirled upward from her head. She had run away from her daddeh’s house after he told her she couldn’t have babbehs. Her name was Honey.

She had been in the rain for only a short time, and she got drenched. After running around in the rain scared that she was going to take “foweba sweepies”, she took shelter in this abandoned car garage. Now she saw the same bright orange light that drew in Traveler, hoping it meant warmth and a place to dry herself off.


And a place to find food.

“Honey wan nummies. Honey wan wawmies an nu moa wawa.”

She began her trek through the garage to the light, passing by the same tents Traveler walked by when he discovered the homeless man. As she got closer, she saw the burned body in the fire, the broken guitar, and she heard snoring nearby.

“Who mae sweepie noises?”

She turned and saw a light blue fluffy with a dark blue mane sleeping on a sleeping bag next to a candy wrapper. As his chest rose with his breathing, she slowly approached him. Stepping on the edge of the car chassis Traveler was sleeping in, it groaned from her weight. She stood with her two front hooves on the car frame, watching the blue fluffy sleep.


Traveler’s eyelids shook as he tried to open them but gave up after a brief second and went back to sleep. Honey chuckled.

“Siwwy fwuffy. It nu sweep tyme. Am pway time!”

Traveler was too tired to respond as he kept snoring. Honey was starting to get impatient and puffed her cheeks.

“Fwuffy fwiend wakies nao! Owa Honey gib sowwy hoofsies!”

No response. Traveler was too out of it. Honey then leaped up and started “pummeling” on Traveler. They were just little taps since fluffies don’t have much strength, but it was enough to wake up Traveler from his slumber as his eyes snapped open to Honey beating on his ribs.

“Owwies! Nu moa hewties pwease! Am gud fwuffy!”

Honey backed down and smiled.

“Yay! Nyu Fwiend am wakies!”

She cheered that her sorry hoofsies worked.

“Wan pway?”

Traveler used his leg to rub his eyes as he woke up.

“Who am fwuffy? Nyu fwiend?” Traveler asked.

“Daddeh name fwuffy Honey! Wah am yu namesie?”

“Am Twabawa! Buwnie munstah gib namesie!” He points his hoof toward the burning corpse in the fire.

She looks over at the corpse. “Mu…munstah?!”

“He gu foweba sweepies!” Traveler exclaimed. Honey exhaled out of relief.

Traveler looked down and remembered the snickers bars he had.

“Wan nummies?”

Honey raised her hoof to her chin in thought, but only a mere second later…


Her stomach growled. She hadn’t eaten anything since running away.

“Wan nummies, pwease.” She asked.

Traveler trotted over to the stash of snickers bars left over from the dead homeless guy. There were four bars left.

“Watch dis!” Traveler picked up one of the bars and worked the wrapper open with his teeth.

“Yay!” Honey clapped her hooves together. Traveler put the open candy bar down on the ground and Honey devoured it. Within moments, the snickers bar was gone, only the wrapper remained. She licked her lips in delight.

“Wub chocowate nummies!”


Her stomach growled again; it wasn’t enough.

“Can Honey hab moa chocowate nummies?” She asked.

Traveler opened another bar using the same trick as before, and she quickly ate it. She would go through the remaining two bars and still be hungry.

“Honey stiww hungwy! Wan moa chocowate nummies!”

Traveler searched around the car for more snicker’s bars, but only found empty wrappers.

“Nu moa chocowate nummies!”

Honey got a sad look on her face.

“Buh… Honey hungwy!”

Traveler looked around. He needed to find more food quickly, cause not only was Honey staving, but he would need food soon for himself. Then he noticed a meat-like smell. He remembered that one time he and his herd had stolen food from a BBQ and there was a smell like this one.

“Wha am pwetty smeww?” Honey said.

“Twabawa nu knu.” Then they both looked at the corpse. The fire was still cooking the corpse and now it had a strong aroma around it as it roasted. The two fluffies approached the corpse to investigate. The smell was much stronger up close. The entire body had been seared from the fire. The man’s face was completely unrecognizable after being burned off.

Honey sniffed the corpse and her mouth started to water. “Buwnie munstah smeww pwetty.”

Traveler couldn’t disagree, even if he wanted to. His mouth watered intensely as he could smell the body roast itself in the fire.

“Wan nummie buwnie munstah!” Honey said and moved forward to take a bite from the corpse’s ankle.

He wanted to take a bite of the meat, thinking that if it smelled good, then it would taste good, right? Well, there was only one way to find out, but there was something stopping him from having his first taste of human barbeque; the fire. The fire licked up all around the body, cooking the meat, but also protecting it from being eaten.

The meat smelled so good that Honey couldn’t resist and crept up to the edge of the fire.

Traveler almost shit himself as he saw her slowly opened her mouth about to take a bit of the human-sized roast.

“Honey! Wai!”

She paid him no heed and was about to take a bite, when the heat of the fire got too intense and an ember landed on her head, catching her mane on fire.


Traveler watched as she ran around in a panic.

“BUWNIE HUWTIES!! BUWNIE HEWTIES!! NU WAN!! NU WAN!! SCREEEEEE!!” She ran in circles until she banged her head against a bucket standing alone by the wall. The bucket spilled its contents onto Honey and doused the fire.

“Ahhhhh… Nu moa buwnie hewties.”

But then, when she inhaled through her nose, she got a whiff of a particularly distinct scent.

“Blaaaa! Nu smeww pwetty!”

It turned out that the bucket was full of the dead man’s urine and feces. It was the closest thing to a toilet he had after he became homeless, thus its contents had effectively been fermenting for months, which produced a horrific smell. Honey quickly realized what the smell was and went into a frenzy.


Traveler could only stand there and try to coax her into calming down.

“Pwease Honey! Nu moa woud noiseies!”

She screamed and ran around until she came up to the body again.

“Dummeh munstah!” She puffed her cheeks and lifted her leg as high as she could.

“Take sowwy peepees!” she then urinated on the corpse. Her urine proceeded to put out some of the fire… which gave Traveler an idea. The only way they could eat the “buwnie munstah” was to put the fire out, and peepee wawas apparently could do that, so he ran back over to the sleeping bag and came across some water bottles sitting nearby. Some of the bottles were empty, but most were still full.

“Nee dwink wawa’s foa mae gud peepee’s on buwnie munstah! Am su smawt!”

Positioning the bottle with his lower legs, he used his front legs to twist the bottle cap off and started to drink directly from the water bottle, he couldn’t fit his mouth around the hole, so some water leaked out and wet his chest fluff, but he was able to get most of the water in his mouth. The bottle pretty much filled him up and then some. After drinking the entire bottle, he pushed it away to get up. He would then discover that he’d have a hard time walking as his stomach had bloated quite a bit to accommodate the large amount of water in his stomach, thus he had to waddle his way over to the body like a fat penguin.

“Ohhh…. Twabawa feew funny.” He kept waddling until he got to the body, by then he felt the need to empty his bladder.

“Tae dis buwnie munstah!” Traveler then starts strategically urinating on the fire, gradually putting it out with his stream. He circles around as much as he can to put out the fire everywhere. By the time the fire was out, his stomach had shrunk back down to normal size, and he finished relieving himself away from the body.

“Dewe!” He proclaimed proudly. “Nu moa buwnie hewties!”

“Yay!” Honey cheered. “Nyu fwiend am smawtiest fwuffy in da wowd!” She clapped her hoofs together as she leapt praise on him.

“Nyu fwiend am smawtie!” She walked up to him and gave him a hug in appreciation.

“Can we hab nummies nao?” She asked.

He nodded enthusiastically. “Wets hab nummies!”


The two of them scarfed down on the roasted body. They managed to eat two-thirds of the man’s leg and felt very full afterward.

They laid down on the sleeping bag in the car frame to digest. Honey laid flat on her stomach while Traveler laid on his side. Honey belched loudly.


Traveler chuckled. “Hehe! Honey mae buwpie noises!”

Honey looked up at him.

“Honey wub nyu smawtie fwiend. Wan be speciaw fwiend?” Traveler paused for half a second before nodding happily.

“Yay! Wan special huggies nao!”

It didn’t take long for Traveler to right himself up, despite the effort it took to right himself up with a full stomach.

“Otay!” He said. The two of them then got right to work giving each other “special huggies.” Within a month, their little lives would change forever.


This was so innocently awful that I’m rather impressed.


I knew that cooked hobo would be dinner. I’m liking Traveler and Honey together, they’re a little impulsive but hopefully parenthood will sort them out


They’re fluffies. It would most likely make them even worse. But we’ll see.


“Nee dwink wawa’s foa mae gud peepee’s on buwnie munstah! Am su smawt!”

Traveller: I’m somewhat of a scientist myself.

Also I really want this story to go off the deep end, like at the end the police capture Traveller and Honey and convict them of cannibalism and murder (I wanna see those fuckers in court) and then they get excuted in front of their kids.


Traveller is observant and would try stuff.

Honey…the hair burning and dunkin on the bucket gave me an “ewwww” :nauseated_face:

Well cooked human meat :sweat_smile: damn!


Allegedly we taste somewhat pork-like.


Scary :scream: but what we consume have same taste as any meat sadly.

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My steak looks at my chicken and mocks it :wink:

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Honey is a nice fluffy but she’s still a stupid little asshat for running away because of “babbehs”. Hope she doesn’t get bitch mare syndrome