Treasure Babbeh (By: GreaverBlade)

Fixed Better Version

Bad Coloring Version

This is treasure, a character I created for an unpublished story. I’m looking at ways to adapt that story out of its original setting for general publication.

Treasure is a feral foal who was hit by a car. Though his life was saved, he still lost an eye and a leg in the process. Inspired by the X-mark on his back, his stumpy peg leg, and his tiny eye patch, his rescuer decided to name him Treasure.

This image is a special thank you to everybody who recommended I try drawing in Krita. You all are champions.


Honestly the X on his back makes me think all

To me my x-fluffies !

( that song wil be stuck in everybodies head who clicks on it now !)

Disabled fluffy foals. Still more useful than Jubilee.

Even Cypher is more usefull.

(Also, X-Fluff story collab?)

the pain and disappointment of a paint bucket tool is strong with this one

Is there anything sadder?

He looks like he might be a sensitib babbeh, too. There’s just something about that beady little eye that screams “nobody home, gib mowe miwkie nao!”