Tribute/Sequel to Sorry Hoofsies (by: MossyFluff)

The natural conclusion to @JohnFlufficus 's “Sorry Hoofsies”

As I saw it the story probably ended like this:

“Now that you took care of that dummy why don’t you bring your herd here?”

Cut to Smarty going to herd

“Bwestest smartie giv fureva sweepies to dummeh, scwared stupie human, and found new wan’ for herd!”

Cut to Smarty after accidently killing another fluffy’s foal while demonstrating his prowess with his new weapons



The mares special friend, the herd’s toughie, steps up to the stunned smartie

“Dummeh smartie! Now giv you fureva sweepies!”

Cut to Smarty surrounded by dead fluffies. In the ensuing bloodbath his special friend had taken his own foals and the surviving mares to run away from the “MonstahSmartie”

The smartie now alone staring at his hooves covered in the blood and viscera of his former herd. His heart and mind now crushed and empty

“…Smartie…wan…wan…wan die.”

You see his sihoulette as he brings the hooves closer and closer to his face

*Cut to the man carrying a baseball bat following the tracks of the smarty and coming into the clearing where the once living herd had been. In the middle of a ring of corpses lies the smartie lying on its back. Looking closer the man recoils in realizing the smarty had taken it a own spiked hooves and had shoved them into its own eyes."


While I’m on the side of neutral/hugbox sometimes a shitrat bastard needs a face full of karmic justice.


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getting midas vibes from the picture

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The facial expression is amazing. The horror of realization…

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