Trick and Treat Page One (By:PeppermintParchment)

The first page of my Halloween hugbox/weirdbox comic titled Trick and Treat.

Sorry the image is huge, I tried to reduce to size to 72 pixels per inch but the text became so blurry it couldn’t be read. If anyone has any idea on how to resize an image to 72 (or close to it, anyways) without losing substantial quality and making so much blur, please let me know, because I’ve been messing with it for over an hour and getting nowhere. I’ve tried sharpen masks and sharpen layers, as well as the Nearest Neighbor filter. I’m using Krita.

I’ll post a page a day, and if I borrowed your OC, I’ll tag you on the page they show up on.

Thanks all, and I hope you enjoy!


Oh fuck, you are actually posting it !
You absolute mad candy you !


It’s not done yet, but if I keep it up, I’ll flood the front page on Halloween day! So, a page a day up until Halloween, and possibly a page a day after that, but I’m really going to try to get it all done before Halloween. Currently working on page nine, and I think it’ll probably have 15-18 pages.


I thought you would post it all in 1 go on halloween.
Cause as it stands now you have a deadline.
But you go you crazy candy diamond shine on.

( am i breaking the simile ? )

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If I posted it all on Halloween, I’d either end up flooding the entire front page, or making one upload so big mobile phones might struggle with it, haha. So, I decided on a page a day.

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Is that big for a fluffy comic?


It is for A FINISHED comic.

Well good luck.
You are gonna need it.

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Like a 12 days of Christmas thing but Halloween! What a great idea! :grinning:

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