Truth in Advertising (Fluffus)

This scenario was written by my loving spouse.


Oh,what a creative concept! Very neat,I am bookmarking this one. I feel like there would have to be a lot of false advertising around fluffies,which would also explain why so many domestics were abandoned to become ferals as well. What people expected and what people got would probably be two totally different things with the first “wave” of fluffies.
Good job,very nicely laid out and a good idea.


Thank you! Inspired by the Barbie commercials that said, “toy does not fly”, according to the author (who grew up in the US).

I love working from a script so I asked for one for Xmas : )


This is so good! In all my years in this fandom, never once had I thought about how people would have to advertise so misleadingly in order to actually sell fluffies. This is a super interesting concept I’d love to see more of!


There would be lawsuits out the wazoo if these commercials aired.

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I love it! It’s just how I imagined Fluffy commercials. Also the guy asleep on the couch while a toy watches a commercial about itself really is making me think of Toy Story.


Basically the “what it said but the reality is…” most advertising do that, I heard Wish was notorious on false advertisement.


Fluffies are like fast food: it never looks like in the picture.

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