Twins in the safe room. (Russian hugbox week) (by: Quickhorn)


remember those?


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How cute! Fluffy twins are rarely explored.


You think they ever switch the bows around to mess with their owner?

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Well, I’ve got Chris and Wyatt. Those names are a reference to who you think they’re a reference to.

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So adorable :heart_eyes:

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@Mr_Owl Whats the story behind these two? Its interesting that both Quickhorn and Artist-kun drew them

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AK’s was marked as request. my current theory is that at the time Quick suggested AK to drew those 2, and so he did

I don’t think they are smart enough to do that
They might do it by accident though

Disgustingly cute and the blocks spell out IDK for some reason.

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So long as they stay in such safe spaces, these things will be safe. Mostly.