Two old greentexts about young fluffy abusers?


I’m looking for two old textposts (10+ years old probably) I saw on the booru back in the day (RIP).

Here’s what I remember about each. I’ve tried searching them up here and other places, but with no results. These are two different stories about kids intentionally/unintentionally abusing fluffies, likely from unrelated authors.

  1. A story about a bored 12 year old boy who uses a hot glue gun on a pet mare, shoving it in her mouth and probably elsewhere. A choice line from it when the boy reacts to the mare with a mouthful of hot glue is “This is funnier than the Annoying Orange!” There was also some mention of him going to go watch Korra once he got tired of abusing the fluffy.

  2. A story about a very young child (possibly even a baby or a toddler) getting a fluffy as a gift, but taking and “unwrapping” the fluffy with their hands, unintentionally tearing away fluff/flesh until there’s nothing left but bones.

If anyone has these stories or any leads, I’d appreciate it! Thanks.