Two Sides - Chapter 2 - Made by LenexTLI

Max had some concerns about the drive home, as fluffies were known to get scared easily and do ‘scawedy poopies’, but luckily for Max, the mare was too distracted with cuddling and singing to her babies that she barely paid any attention to her surroundings.

“Definitely not the smartest thing to do as a fluffy that was feral!” Max thought to himself as he glanced towards the mare.

As he continued to listen to the fluffy singing its off-tune song, he thought of the small brown foal. He didn’t particularly feel bad for it but still felt somewhat sad that it had died such a pointless death, but it wasn’t too shocking. There were many people that enjoyed abusing fluffies, some doing it for fun, others to relieve stress, and some for perverse reasons that were hidden behind excuses.

Max had only a few times been a part of the abuse towards fluffies, those times only having been in university, though. Usually, some guys would have brought a feral fluffy they had found outside to the dorms and would fuck with them by various means. The most brutal one that Max remembered was the time they had found a blue feral stallion raping a brown foal or ‘poopie babbeh.’ They had brought the stallion back to the dorms, one of the guys having bought a fake ‘enfie toy’ which had a metal spike deep inside which would shoot far out when pushed in hard enough. They then told the stallion that this was a filly, or female foal, specially prepared for him to fuck, the stallion being thrilled, instantly jumping on it and exclaiming that the toy, or at what he believed was an actual foal, now was his personal ‘enfie babbeh.’

He remembered that the stallions screams of pain as the metal spike pierced deep into his urethra, the spike having small hooks on the tip to prevent any stallion of pulling it out. The stallion desperately trying to get away from this ‘enfie babbeh’, screaming and wailing as his urethra was being shredded from the inside, all of the guys, including Max, laughing their asses off at the asshole stallion. One of the guys then pulling the stallion out of the contraption with force, resulting in his dick being literally ripped apart and almost splitting in two. The boys then crushing his balls like grapes. Max vividly remembering the pop sound it made inside the stallions scrotum and afterwards throwing him back outside where they had found him, knowing he would die from either blood loss, sheer trauma, or infections. Boy, was it a sight, seeing a fluffy reap what is sowed.

After Max finished his small flashback, he looked back at the mare as she was now sleeping, tightly coiled around her foals, who were cooing in the warmth of their mothers thick brown fluff. This fluffy definitely not deserving any abuse or life outside in the upcoming harsh cold that life had intended for it to suffer in.

But was that really the reason he took her in, Max thought to himself. Did he really only take her in because he didn’t want to feel bad for leaving her to die and starve out in the upcoming cold, or was there another reason. Maybe he really did want a fluffy like his sister had always advised him, a companion that would be fun to have by his side and that he could play with, spend time with, and cuddle. Or maybe, to abuse, torture, and enjoy watching it wither away. Max shuddered. This was definitely not the case, or at least not with this particular fluffy.

After a few minutes, they finally arrived at home, Max unbuckling his seatbelt. The mare was still asleep.

“Hey, wake up!” Max spoke, trying not to be too loud to cause a crying festival from the foals.

“Hmm? Mummah an’ babbehs at nyu housie?” The mare asked drowsily, giving Max a big yawn.

“Yep, we’ve arrived at my house!” He replied, stepping out the car and walking towards the passenger door.

He picked the mare up gently, carrying her towards the front door.

“Mummah wuv upsies!” The mare giggled, now being more awake and looking around at the exterior of the house.

Max placed the mare on the ground, taking his keys out and opening the front door. The mare walking inside and looking around the interior in amazement.

“Nyu housie is vewy pwetty! Babbehs wiww wuv when eyesies open!” The mare spoke gleefully as she followed Max.

Max guided the mare to an empty room that he had never used. It was meant to have been a guest room but had never been used as Max was used to going over to his friends house and not expecting any visitors anytime soon. The room was average in size for humans, but for a fluffy, it was enormous. As the mare walked around the room, Max got a few blankets, cat litter, and a few blocks he still had from when he visited his sister and nephew. He intended to buy an actual fluffy bed and toilet later on, as he didn’t know how long the mare would be staying here and didn’t want to bother having to change blankets every few days or weeks.

“This is the room you will be staying in!” Max said as he placed the blankets in the corner of the room and the cat litter right next to it.

“For now, you can sleep on the blankets, and if you need to use the toilet, then you can just use the cat litter until I buy actual fluffy things!” He continued to tell the mare.

“Owkay nice mistah! Fwuffy wiww do good-poopies hewe!” The mare answered surprisingly. Clearly understanding what he was telling her.

“Mummah an’ babbehs wiww be gud fwuffys fo’ nice Mistah!” The mare said, clearly proud of calling herself and her babies good fluffies.

“Okay, then I will be gone for a bit so I can buy some stuff you need!” Max told her, the mares ears slightly dropping down to the side of her head.

“Nice mistah gu way?” The mare asked, a bit sad at the idea of the Max leaving.

“Yeah, but not for long! So be a good fluffy and don’t destroy anything!” Max replied! “Also, whatever you do, do not leave this room!”

“Owkay nice mistah! Mummah an’ babbehs nu weave wawm woom!” The mare answered.

Max looked at the fluffy, clearly surprised at how easily she listened to him and followed what he said. He bent down, scratching her behind her ear a bit. The mare instantly cooing from the attention. Max felt a small ache in his heart, this being a first time he had sort of liked a fluffy.

As Max left the room, he made sure to close the door properly as so it wouldn’t open, turning the thermometer on as to make the room nice and warm but not hot. And as he finished everything he needed to, he left to go the fluffy mart.

As he drove into the parking area at Fluffy-Mart, he saw another Foal-In-A-Can vending machine, remembering what had happened earlier. This vending machine was bigger and looked to be more expensive than the other one. It had a small CCTV camera, more slots for foals, and sections for different types of fluffies such as ‘Earthie’, ‘Alicorn’, and ‘Pegasus.’ There also being different prices written down for each section. The ‘Earthies costing around $5, the ‘Pegasus’ costing $10-15, and the ‘Alicorns’ costing $20-25. This was to be expected as different types of fluffies came with their respective rarities and pros and cons.

One particular fluffy that caught his attention was a small turquoise Alicorn filly. It was lying on its side and cooing as it drank from the fake silicone nipple that supported it with milk, gently kneading into the cotton. This foal was priced at $25, which was cheap considering it was a favourable colour and a filly, seeming healthy for a foal that spend a lot of time inside a can. If raised properly and not developing any issues, it could become a perfect breeding fluffy, one, which if fate was in favour, could produce many foals that would be worth a lot of money.

Max had been considering going into breeding himself for a while now, some of his friends being breeders and having told them they had made a lot of money of good coloured foals. This having been an enticing topic, the only issue being that he had no experience with fluffies other than the small abuse he had watched, other people, talking about how they raised and lived with their fluffies, and magazines of TV programs. He walked away from the vending machine, deciding to think about it while shopping.


Wait the Pegasus cost more than the Alicorn? That’s a new one. Good story though can’t wait to see how it continues


I suggest Max better research properly before actually go with a breeding program.

And I hope his college shit days would only on bad fluffies.


I might have made a small oopsie when it came to which breed of fluffy is more expensive…


Fixed it :3 Thanks for telling me the small mistake I made!

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Nah man run with it! Great things can come from accidents.

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This dude is going to turn into a crazy cat lady overnight.

He’ll have dozens of fluffies by the end of the week.