Ugly pt 2 (by milky)

You are Ugly. That’s what your mummah named you anyways. You’re laying on the itchiest, smelliest nestie you’ve ever known! Well, it’s the only one you’ve ever known but it sure is worse than your tubes housie. You sniffle softly as your tummy has wowstest huwties. Your mummah gave you squeeze owchies and pushed all your poopies and pee pees out!

You shiver at the thought— and at the cold still sticking to your fluff from the wateboarding.

“This is the litter box. You make poopies and peepees in here or else I’ll have to plug you up and squeeze you over the sink from now on, GOT IT?“

Your mummahs voice hurts your heary places and you nod, looking over to the scawy looking boxie with a sniffle.

“Y-yes mummah— peep peep— Ugwy make poopies there onwy. No want moar tummeh huwties,” you manage to say, cowering as she leans in close.

“Good.” She says then turns to look at the other side of the fency.

You see a tiny ball of blue fluff stir in a nest of soft looking blankies, staring enviously at them.

“Cheep? Peep…peep!” There’s a tiny voice crying out and your mummah kneels down towards it. No!! Quiet little chirpy babbeh!! Mummah with give you wowstest squeezies!!

But… she doesn’t. Instead, your mummah gives the gentlest pets and hums, soothing the tiny foal back to sleep.

“I’m so sorry, did he wake you? Don’t worry, that meanie Ugly will be extra quiet now. Go back to sleep, my Beauty.” She coos, giving you a meanie face as she does so as if making sure you’re quiet. You shrug back under the scratch blanket, covering your moufies with your hoofsies to show you’ll be silent.

“I’m going to my bedroom. Do not wake her up or you’ll be sorry,” she whispers to you, and all you do is nod. With that, mummah leaves the room and you feel you can finally breathe.

“Bwue babbeh am namesies … Beauty?”


Part 2 out fast cuz I wanted it for part 1 but it got too long. Next chapter will be tomorrow maybe.

And yes for those wondering this is inspired by Tiny Lives, one of my fave stories.


:man_facepalming: ok poor thing you ended up with a cruel owner be strong or be in skettiland soon.

A colt and a filly…welp…this not gonna end well is it? :astonished:


Hehe well just have to wait and see!!!


Tiny Lives was some god tier shit. I’m VERY excited to see how this one goes.


God it’s one of my fave. I hope that This becomes a tribute and doesn’t seem like a copy. I just love the favoritism aspect lol

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