Uglyface Part 3 - Remastered [The_Agony_Presence]

Uglyface was listening to the other foals babbling to each other from his corner behind the litterbox.

Cupcake was so proud. They sung off-tune songs of love and warmth as they all huddled together. They talked about their favorite toysies, and when the fluffmart employees came to check on them, they asked him for play and even hugs!

All the while, Uglyface sat in the corner, under a few urine-stained newspapers, hungry and too scared to call out. Too scared to be seen.

Blueberry was the first foal to talk with him.

He’d been busy playing ball with the others until Wiggle had hit the ball past the litterbox and into Uglyface’s corner.

As Blueberry came to collect it, he noticed Uglyface trying to hide further under the newspaper, “Bwubewwy fogot ‘bout poopie-babbeh. Why am yu hidin’ undah smewwy bwankies?” He asked, curious.

Uglyface didn’t- couldn’t- answer, instead just staring out at him.

Blueberry spoke again, “Hewwo? Poopie-babbeh? Why nu tawkie tu Bwubewwy? Nu wike Bwubewwy?” He asked, holding out a hoof and tapping Uglyface on his exposed side.

Uglyface peeped, and Blueberry gave him a questioning look, “Yu am stiww chirpeh babbeh? Hee hee, git mo’ miwkies frum mummah, siwwy- den yu gwow up big an’ stwong wike bestes’ babbeh Bwubewwy!” He said in ignorance, before turning off and pushing the ball back out to the others.

As he ran out of view, Uglyface peeked up only to be greeted the worst sight- Cupcake had seen Blueberry talking with him! Her face was bent into a scowl, and she was marching straight for him. He knew not to annoy her, and was not allowed to go near to her other foals at any time. He tried to always stay in his corner, but what could he do if someone came to him!? He knew he was just too dumb to understand, and hid his face with his front legs, preparing for the incoming hurties.

“Why dummeh Ugwyface annoy bestes’ babbeh Bwubewwy!?” Cupcake growled, stomping a hoof near Uglyface’s paper-hideout, “Teww Cupcake NAO dummeh poopie babbeh! Cupcake see yu du talkies tu Bwubewwy!”

He said nothing, continuing to ‘hide’ from her. Not that he could talk.

She struck him right across his back and before he had time to chirp she pressed another hoof down hard on his snout, “Stupit poopie, nebah du tawkies wif Cupcakeses’ babbehs o’ yu git big huwites!”

She stomped off, leaving him crying silently in pain. He suckled on a hoof for comfort, and to try and muffle his sobs. A small stream of urine escaped him, soaking the already urine-soaked papers further.

He watched Cupcake cheering for her babies and then eating from her own food bowl. He listened to the other foals having fun, proclaiming love and ‘big happies’, and when they came into view, he saw their beautiful smiles.

After a few hours of this, Warmy came to use the litterbox. As she peed, she spotted Uglyface, and leaned against the side of the litterbox, “Mummah says yu am baddes’ babbeh!” when the reek of his urine hit her, she gagged, “yu nu even kno’ hao du gud peepees? Yu am suuuu smewwy- stay 'way frum Wawmy foebah!” she said, lifting a yellow hoof over her face.

She finished peeing, and scraped up some of the litter and threw it at Uglyface, who reacted only with a slight twitch and a near-silent ‘huu’.

A fluffmart employee appeared over the enclosure then. She was a little older than the usual teens that staffed the nesting enclosures, and a pair of thick glasses decorated her chubby face.
“Hello Cupcake and family,” she said happily.

Warmy quickly hopped out of the litterbox and ran over.

“Hewwo nice wady!” the foals all said in unison.

“Today is a very special day for you, little foals! You’re all talking and running and playing now, so you get to eat your very first skettis to celebrate growing up so fast!” she announced, suddenly pulling into view from behind the enclosure wall a plate full of steaming spaghetti.

They all rejoiced, singing a love song to the employee who giggled. Cupcake giggled too, and gently held the foals back a little, “gud babbehs wait fow sketti pwate tu be on fwoor!”

“That’s right, Cupcake- very good!”

At first the foals all sat in place, practically vibrating with excitement, but as the spaghetti plate came into reach, they lost their patience and rushed for it, diving into the food as soon as it touched the ground. The employee and Cupcake laughed at their cuteness.

“Fank yu fo’ gif babbehs an’ mummah bestes’ nummies, nice wady!” Cupcake said, before digging in as well.

Uglyface’s eyes were glued to the spaghetti- or, at least the side of the plate he could see from around the litterbox and under his newspapers- his mouth watering with what little moisture it could summon at its sweet, alluring scent. Yet, his stumpy legs kept him frozen in place under the newspaper, and not a sound dared escape him, save for his tummy rumbling.
He knew what Cupcake would do if he ate any of the sketti that was clearly not meant for him.

After a few minutes that felt to him like hours, the foals had finished their fill, and as Cupcake lifted each engorged foal into her tummy fluff, the employee talked again, “When you all get human mommies and daddies, make sure you wait for them to give you sketti! Good fluffies don’t ask for sketti!”

Cupcake rolled onto her back, gently nudging the now fattened foals, “say fank yu tu nice wady, babbehs!”

“Fank yu nice wady for gud nummies!” they cooed, sleepily.

“Now, Cupcake- we’ll have a bath day for your babies soon okay? We’ll need your help to make sure they get used to it,” the employee said, getting to her feet.

Cupcake nodded, “Wiww hewp maek babbehs du baffsies tu smeww pwetty! Pwomise tu!”

The fluffmart employee wandered off with a wave, and eventually the fluffpile fell asleep- or at least Uglyface hoped so.

He waited and watched for some time, making sure before he slowly crawled out from his filthy newspaper blanket, and limped carefully towards the plate, trying not to make any sound at all- which was hard, as every little move caused his limp back leg to hurt him.

He made it to the plate and there was naught but traces of saliva and sauce.

Tears formed around his eyes once more; he knew it was wrong to have even thought about eating any of the sketti, let alone lick the plate. This sketti was for the other good babies and Cupcake, not for a bad baby like him, but his tummy made him do this bad thing.

It smelled so good.

Just as he was about to bend down and lick what little he could, a voice whispered from above, “I see you guys finished your sketty,” Uglyface looked up in terror- it was another fluffmart employee, one of the cleaners, “there was a lot on that plate. You guys must’ve had a good time,” he said quietly, picking up the plate.

Uglyface’s eyes pleaded with the employee, even though he knew it was wrong to even try- please, just a single lick! The man simply stood, seeming not to notice, “crawl up onto your mummah, little guy- its sleepy time,” he walked away with a smile.

A few seconds later, the big light on the roof turned off and the small heart-shaped night light above Cupcake turned on, setting the enclosure in a soothing orange light.

Uglyface limped back to his dark, cold, smelly corner, and collapsed onto the floor. He stared at his family’s fluffpile, all fat, warm, and happy from sketti, and his first words finally came along with more tears, “heawt h-h-huwties,”


Well now I hate Warmy too. Seems Blueberry hasn’t gone full spoiled smarty… yet. Still want Cupcake to really eat shit and die.


I think you’re going to like some of the later chapters.


I’m sorta hoping the bath gives Uglyface back some of his “I’m your fucking kid you daft bitch” pheromones. But even if it does, I doubt Cupcake would accept him

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damn that employee really saw a shit-piss stained,limping underfeed fluffy and though
-yup nothing wrong here
thats what minimun wage does to a mf i guess


The emotions… the neglect… must. Have. VIOLENCE!


ohhh, how do they not see? Its easy to tell he’s behind developmentally! and the sad eye, his tummy rumbles.
Oh they HAVE to tell during bath time


link to part 4

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