Uglyface Part 5 - Remastered [The_Agony_Presence]

It had been a few days since the bath.

The foals were all much larger now, and even Uglyface had outgrown his litterbox corner… barely. As everyone grew, the milkies left for him slowly became less and less. If you were to examine him closely, you would probably spot his somewhat famished appearance beneath his fluff.

But none of the employees ever did so.

He had didn’t have a lot of energy to walk around anymore, though would try and make one or two laps of the enclosure at night, despite the ache in his leg.

For now, he just sat in front of the litterbox, usually pretending to be asleep to avoid any of the others talking with him and invoking Cupcake’s wrath. They mostly ignored him, but Warmy made sure to step on him when she needed peepees and Cupcake always shoved him hard when she needed to use the litterbox too.

He spent his time listening to everyone else speak, trying to learn how to talk better. He would sneak peeks at the others playing, too, trying to understand how to play. but he didn’t really get it. He knew that if he was going to get a human mommy or daddy and make Cupcake proud, he needed to get better at playing and talking.

Today, though, was the ‘last step to becoming a big fluffy’ as the humans had said.
Sure enough, after morning playtime, an employee arrived with some small bowls and a box of something that rustled when she moved it.

She was quite tall and thin, and her face was more acne than skin- another one of the work-experience summer-job employees.

“Hello fluffies!” she said with a husky voice, as everyone but Uglyface gathered around, “today, you get to eat some big fluffy food! Now that you have teeth, you will be able to munch on these crunchy little things-” she poured some sketti-flavor nutri-kibble into a bowl as she spoke and lowered it to the floor in front of Softpetal.

The foals had all learned patience now, and waited for the employee to put down bowls for each of them.

“Wha am dis nummies, nice wady?” Wiggle asked, sniffing at the bowl.

“Dey smeww wike skettis!” Blueberry said, excitedly fidgeting in place.

“This is fluffy kibble,” the employee explained, “its very good for you, almost as good as your mommy’s milk. This kind is sketti flavored, though it can have any flavor you want. Now don’t worry, your mommy will still give you milk, but you need to get used to kibble if you want to get adopted by a human mommy or daddy, ok?” she noticed Uglyface out of the corner of her eye still pretending to sleep, “Ah, Cupcake- one of your babies is still sleeping. Can you go get him while I grab another bowl?”

Cupcake nodded and pranced over to Uglyface. She punted him in the side, “time fo’ waksies, dummeh,” she whispered to him. He looked up at her for a moment before he shakily got on his hooves.

Cupcake realized that the humans might notice his slightly thinner appearance and give her into trouble. She quickly glanced back and the human was fumbling around in a closet. Turning back, Cupcake got close to Uglyface, “wisten, poopie- yu am sit nex tu Wawmy. Nu du tawkies, an’ put yu weggies undew yu tummy su hoomin nu see. If yu dun, Cupcake gif yu sowwy hoofsies!”

Uglyface nodded at every word and did exactly as he was asked. When he sat with his legs along his tummy, his emaciated body didn’t actually look too thin. His limp leg hurt in this position, but he kept quiet by suckling a hoof.

The employee returned, and put the bowl of kibble in front of Uglyface, “alright, now that we’re all here: to eat kibble, you have to crush it between your new teeth in small mouthfuls, okay guys? And make sure you eat slowly, too. Unlike milk or sketty, kibble is a bit hard and if you don’t eat it properly it might hurt your throat!” They all nodded, “Alright, well- tuck in guys! Your mommy and I will be here if you need help.”

The other foals all started eating at once, follwing the employee’s instruction. Their newly formed teeth allowed them to crush the kibble and chew- and just as she had said, it tasted like sketti.

Wha’ am teefies? Uglyface thought, watching and listening to his siblings eat. Blueberry and Wiggle seemed to love their new food, chomping big mouthfuls. Warmy took large bites too, but was much slower, almost disinterested in fact. Softpetal was taking small bites, and took a long time carefully chewing.

They all crunched down on the kibble, which confused Uglyface, dis nummies tu hawd fo’ num… he rubbed his tongue around his mouth and over his gums. He felt little hard things poking out here and there, dis am teefies? Dis nu gud fo’ nummin’ hawd fingies, tu smaww…

Cupcake, who had stood behind him the whole time, wondered impatiently why the poopie babbeh wasn’t eating the kibble- something, for once, she actually wanted to help him to do so that she wouldn’t have to give him milk anymore, “Why bad babbeh nu num gud kibbew?” she looked up at the employee with a fake pout, “nice wady, dis babbeh awways bein bad babbeh, nevah du wha’ mummah say!”

“That’s ok, Cupcake- some fluffies need help adjusting to something new. Sometimes you just have to force them a little. I know its hard for a mommy to force their babies to do something, but its no good if he wont eat kibble,”

Cupcake nodded, “It otay, nice wady, Cupcake undastan’,” she pushed Uglyface’s snout into the kibble, “pweez be gud dis time babbeh- num dis gud kibbew!”

He could hear the barely joy in her voice as his mouth was filled with the little, hard pellets. While she did actually want him to eat, it was clear that she was going to ‘help’ him do so in a less than suitable way.

He tried to do what the human said, but the kibble only cut into his gums and gave him hurties. He tried to raise his head, but Cupcake forced him down harder, causing more kibble to enter his mouth and do more damage.

“Very good Cupcake,” the employee said, “you always do what you’re told! Let me get you a treat!” She turned and started rifling through a small bag, giving Cupcake her chance.

She allowed Uglyface to lift his head and before he could spit out the kibble, she held his mouth shut with her hoof, and whispered into his ear, “dummeh babbeh- why yu nu num gud kibbew? Use yu teefsies o’ git sowwy hoofsies aftah,”

His fear of Cupcake overcame his mouth-hurties and he used his pained gums and tiny teeth to crush the kibble. It hurt so much, but Cupcake muffled his moans with her hooves. He swallowed the barely broken down kibble and it scraped its way painfully down his throat.

He was allowed open his mouth then, so that Cupcake could see if he actually ate or not. A little saliva and blood dripped into the bowl below and he took some deep breaths, but his mouth was empty. Cupcake’s hoof was still on his head, and when the employee turned back with a nutri-stick for her, she pushed his head back into the kibble to avoid him being seen.

“Nice wady, Ugwyface wub kibbew nao! He jus’ scawed of nu fing wike yu say, hee hee!”

“That’s great, Cupcake. Here’s your reward,” the employee handed Cupcake a little sketti-flavored food stick and she began to chew happily, “I think I can let you continue from here, then since everyone seems to be doing alright. I’ll leave the bowls for all your babies. We’ll start feeding them more kibble now instead of milk all the time so they get used to it before graduation, ok?”

Uglyface felt a pang of sadness as he heard the employee speak, Bu’ dis nummies huwt…

Cupcake nodded as the employee walked away out of sight and finally released her grip on Uglyface’s head. He raised it immediately, letting the unchewed kibble plop out. He convulsed for a second and then regurgitated some of his kibble back into the bowl.

The other foals, who had mostly finished eating, looked over in shock, “babbehs- dis wha’ happen if yu am a bad fwuffy,” Cupcake said, “poopie-babbeh nu num wight an’ nao he haf huwties,”

Blueberry stepped forward, “Wiww gif poopie huggies tu stahp huwties!”

Cupcake stopped him, “nuuuu, bestes’ babbeh- mummah wiww make poopie bettah. Nu wowwy, yu aww jus num west of yu kibbew,”

She picked up Uglyface and dragged him over to the litterbox. He crumpled onto the floor, and was able to gurgle out, “p-pweez s-s-sowwy!”

Cupcake slapped him on the face and he curled up once again. She dragged some of his old, urine-stained newspaper from behind the litterbox ontop of him, “yu stay hewe an’ nu make nu mo’ shouties an’ cwys. Num yu kibbew aftah,”

Uglyface spent the rest of the day sobbing in pain. He couldn’t even suckle his hoof for comfort as his mouth hurt too much.


Burn it.

Burn this whole place.

Uglyface included so he can get some fucking warmth before he’s set free.


jesus christ i am not a fan of poopie babies or anything but the incompetence of the staff is really pissing me off man
is this is was your idea congratulations you did an amazing job man



ok i guess she is smart…

the employee HAS to notice he has no teeth- COME ON


link to part 6

actual link to part 6


It’s only mercy to use uglyface as a wick to start burning this whole store along with every single employee and fluffy in this place… Maybe we could even trick the bitch mare into swallowing her Babbehs to “Save them from Burnie Hewties” before cutting her open and leaving her to die in the flames


I can understand your anger, because at this moment my bones are also burning

you beast this actually got me


This is becoming some sort of rage bait, how are they so unprofessional, they should at least see if the are well developed REGULARLY

fuck you

He got another one