Uh-Oh Spaghetti-O's! [By Biorb_McBiorb]

A Small feral family hunkers down for the night, a father, a mother, and their four foals.

As the family curls up and drifts off to Sleepy-Skettiland, one of their foals, a Green coated Pegasus Filly, hears a strange noise, and silently makes it’s way to investigate.

“Peep! Peep! Babbeh am gud Spwowah! Peep! Mumman an’ Daddeh be su pwouwd ob Babbeh! Peep!” The happy Green filly chirped, its peeps echoed thru the Moon-lit walls of the Alley the family called home.

“Peep! Peep! Spwowa! Spwowin Babbeh! Peep!”

As the Green Filly peeped and spwowed the dirty Alley, she looked ahead, only a few meters away was a shiny metal can, a torn and dirt covered logo for Sketti-O’s. While the Filly could not read, it could smell, and as she sniffed the air, the sweet ambrosia of Sketti wafted into her young nostrils.

“Peep! Spwowin Babbeh fine nummies! Peep! Fine b-bestes’ nummies! Peep!”

As the foal waddled closer to the can, she realized it had been opened, the can’s metal lid hanging open just enough for a… Well a foal to fit thru… How lucky…

As the Filly made her way into the narrow space, she felt a sharp pain in her leg, the torn metal lid slicing thru her small hind leg. “EEP! SPEEP! WEGGIE-HUWTIES! PEEP!” The Filly’s pain was not cared about long, as she looked to the inside of the can and saw it’s contents… The walls of the can were lined with sticky red sauce, small bits of broken apart Sketti-O’s still laid about. The Filly’s Leg pain faded away as the entire can’s scent overwhelmed her.


the Filly happily licked the sauce that covered the metal walls, happily scoffed down the destroyed ‘O’s’ until her belly was fat and plump. The Filly finally burped, the buffet was better than any miwkies… Better than any hugs she could ever get…

“Ugh… Peep! W-wub bestes’ nummies… Peep… Spwowin’ Babbeh wan’ huggies… Weggie… Nu feww gud…”

As the now much fatter foal made her way to the hole, she found herself being cut worse and worse as she tried to exit. The metal lid slicing her face, her head, and even one of her pretty little wings. Her cries causing her nearby family to awaken.

“Babbeh? Whewe babbeh gu? Come tu Daddeh Babbeh!”

Behind the awoken father, the Filly’s mother and siblings walked close behind, the other foals on her back.

“Babbeh! Nu be scawedies! Mummah an Daddeh awe hewe! Gib Huggies!”

As the Filly heard the reassuring words, she tried crying out to her family again, this time, the now clean walls of the can echoed her words, making the Filly sound different to the family. Her cries came out reverberated and strange, causing both parents to notice the ‘Munsta’ Noise coming from the can where the Filly was trapped in.


“Eeek! Munsta! Speshuw fwend, Munsta nummed Babbeh!”

As she heard the declaration, the Filly wanted to try and argue, but before she could say anything, she felt the walls of the can come crushing down on her. Her father, had begun to give ‘Wowes’-Huwties’ to the Can, following the line of thinking his Mate exclaimed earlier.

The Green Filly felt the walls jab her soft, rotund body. Sharp edges jabbed into her back, the weight crushing her lower back first, the metal piercing into her back.


The Filly’s cries were cut short as the can’s walls closed down harder on her, the poor girl had now lost feeling in her upper legs, blood spilling out of the opening had alerted the Father that the Munsta had been slain, and his family was safe.

“Dummeh Munsta! Hachou! Nummed bestes’ Spwowin Babbeh! Nu desewebe wub ow nuffin!”

As the Filly heard the words, she began to cry, unable to respond to the Family she loved so much, even as she heard them running away…

“peep… peep… pe-…”

Her fate was not sealed by her father, but in fact a moving van that had crushed the can flat, smashing the Filly’s head in between the aluminum walls of her coffin.




Poor baby.

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Sad a cursed to all splowin babbehs and stupidity of fluffies.

Anything they though it was a “munstah” without actual checking it its just a facepalm and hilarious.


literally foal-in-a-can


Serves her right.
Second thing I hate the most are spwowin babbehs. Only danceh ones are worse, but not by much

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Holy shit, what a great story. Very creative.

Also, fuck The Green Filly. She could have told her family about the nummies but decided to eat it all for herself. Greedy brat.

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