Ultraviolencia 1r parte (nessie)


esto se pondra buenisimo!!!

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It’s literally just a blue pig.



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Ultraviolence? In a @Nessie comic? Oh come off it!



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For the non-Spanish speaking fluffies:

Female protagonist: I hope this camera works… Hello! This is my first video, I apologize for the sound and quality. Since it’s my first I’ll make it simple, here we have a prepubescent fluffy

Teal colored fluffy: nice wady, is dis fwuffy’s nyu nesty? Su scawy…

Stream hostess: well, your new home is a little messy but with some elbow grease it’ll be the best home for the best fluffy.

Teal colored fluffy: teehee~ fwuffy has so much heawt happies!

Stream hostess: Ha… Ha Ha Ha…

Teal fluffy: why nice wady make scawy voicy?

Stream hostess: Mmmmmm I dunno why my voice sounds like that, but! You will not worry about it for too long…

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