Under The Bucket by (JammyJams)

Short Cake, Strawberry Tart and Lemon Twist aren’t feral fluffies. Considering their colors, its a give away. Their mother wanted to run away with the local feral herd to get with the Smarty. She took her foals with her and pretty much put them all at risk just to get with some asswipe Smarty, who wants them dead since they aren’t even his. Their mother was actually planning to abandon them in a human yard. Since she’s stupid enough to think all humans are nice and will take care of them.

Tart seems to be aware of the disconnect unlike her siblings. Cake 100% believes their mother will come back for them. Lemon… Honestly I don’t think he cares about anything other then sleep and food. He lazy. But cute!


Great work.

Now draw a version set 5 hours later where they’re exhausted, dehydrated, starving and miserable, but too dried-out to actually cry about their fate anymore.


oh no- i love them


Poor guys, hope thier mom and her smarty die a horrible death, hope the babies get a good home too honestly.


They’re in the comic I’ve been posting. So far there are two votes for Cake getting adopted. So she’ll be okay.


This is sad, but also cute.

Lemon is very content, i like me a fluffy who takes life as “what will be will be” :shrug:

i hope i find this bucket i would very much like to save lemon and take him in we can chill :kissing:
… the other two can stay in the bucket :dancer:


Short Cake should also be adopted by someone who can fix her naivety.

And if the other two aren’t adopted, they’re probably going to…


Kick the bucket.



Gosh poor things I’m curious about where and what there fate will be.
Holly would probably sell Shortcake. Lemon or Tart maybe keep as a friend for one of her other fluffs maybe Luna.

BEcause of the lines on the edges.

I thought they were trapped in an upside down pale at first.


Thats almost exactly what they’re currently in, a plastic sand bucket.


Id adopt Short Cake quick fast and in a hurry

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I kinda want them to be adopted by a person who will hit the mother and Smarty with their car


oh poor babies! They didn’t deserve a shit mummah!

Hope nothing bad happens to them and give their worthless mother the biggest heawt-huwties for leaving them behind. :triumph:

Wait, then how did the bucket end up on top of the babies? Or am I just looking into this too deeply?

It’s explained in the next comic issue I’m working on!

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Ah, I see!

Hmm… Well, I hope those foals are found by their mother’s owner and given a good life or are adopted by some people. And I hope Tart “reunites” with her mother, Tart’s Mother is wondering aimlessly, She had been beaten and staved due to a prettier Mare catching the smarty’s attention, the herd got destroyed due to the Smarty’s stupidity or She couldn’t take the abuse anymore, she runs into Tart living it up, Tart says fuck off to her mother, and beats her up. XD

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