Under the Fluff / art discussion?

Admittedly, I prefer to freehand / sketch out stuff very minimally, but every now and then I gotta break out the circles and sticks when faced with an odd angle or pose. Does anyone want to share what’s under their fluffs? Or how they figure out how to fluffy in general.


I have so much research.

Primitive horse feet, possible evolutions . I’ll link on my lunch

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im guilty of also not using skeletons when i draw. i do the circle with the cross on it for the head but nothing else

my fluffies are probably also modeled after fat cats bc cats are what i know lol (ive had cats all my life & i was also a Warrior Cats Kid for a good chunk of my childhood)

cats have that thing where their limbs kind of get absorbed into the rest of their body


I do circle and bean shapes first for the head and body, then I start building the other things like snouts and legs and tails. Each is done on its own layer, and I bend and warp with tools as much as I need.