Unexpected (by recreationalsadist)

Ricky was walking down the street when he heard a voice calling out to him from an alley.

“Hewwo Nice Mistah, be nyu Daddeh?”

Looking down he saw it was a fluffy unicorn. The fluffy’s just about to give birth mate was in the alley behind him.

“Babbehs, babbehs, babbehs, ooh!”

Did someone teach that mare Justin Bieber songs? Was that legal?

Ricky nudged the unicorn with his foot to turn him around so that he was looking at his mate so he’d see her reaction to what was about to happen. Then he stomped on him as hard as possible.

The unicorn’s horn was blasted off his head by the force of Ricky’s stomp. It shot forwards and impaled the mare’s pregnant belly. She had a second to blink, then exploded. Undeveloped foals, blood, and shining lights showered the alley.

Bright flashing letters appeared in front of Ricky that spelled out “+1000 Points!!!”

Ricky looked up, looked down, wiped off his shoes, and then slowly backed out of the alley.


Nice trip you’ve got going there, Ricky. Be careful of fluffy abuse while on acid. :laughing:

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What, you don’t get notifications when your Real Life score increases?

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Only in my dreams and barely even then… although I did have a dream where I had to deal with a smarty that had the body of a badger and the personality of a grumpy cat one night. The only high score I got was getting the bastard a bath, turn from a smarty to the same mood as your regular badger and lay on the couch like an old tom cat watching TV with me. :no_mouth:

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Ricky’s drugs must be the good shit if the hallucinations are this vivid.

Unless this is real life which just raises further questions

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When the mare started singing JB, they deserve what happened XD