Unforgiven [By MuffinMantis]

Some crimes are too heinous for redemption.

[Hey, guess who’s back to drawing. Decided to try to clean up my line-art a bit, and found a new brush that I wanted to try out.]


Full amputation for steal chips and immediate wan-die loop for being an amputee.

Seems Fluffy and owner share in their overreactions


Wan die for quad amputation and being left in his own waste for who-knows-how-long.

Stumps are fully healed, it’s been a while.


Remove reproductive organs for complaining too.


“How wong tiw weggies?”
“Here you go, stupid fuck.” (Drops a fried leggie in front of the fluffy)
“Wha…wha dis?”
“It’s fried leggie. You eat it.”
“Bu…bu daddeh…”
"You said you wanted a leggie, didn’t you?
“Yes bu…Stupifuck wan leggie fo wun nu fo num”
“Well then you should have been more specific. Now eat your leggie.”


Well the litter box is where fluffiest take a shit, soo it make sense calling him a piece of shit.


Hey that’s some good lineart there, looks professional without any artifacts or out of place lines. Whatever brush you’re using now, it has a nice feel where it gives shapes a distinctive but fitting outline.

Also, fuck that fluffy lol


Im sorry but DONT KEEP YOUR CHIPS OUT DUMMEH. Fat guys number 1 rule! dont leave your chips out!
It go’s for irl too
(I wrote this joke during a match lol also if you aint gonna eat that >:3)

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You will die at your owner’s pleasure, not when you want to


Too bad, and your punishment is still being enforced! You love my chips so much, it’s time for you to eat another bowl full!

opens up a bag of kettle Jalapeno chips, places in the bowl, and reclips the bag shut

Eat up, Theif. If you want to see your legs, finish the bag and I will get you them back.
Leaning in as I say this

Huu huu, meanies nummies foh weggies? Wost deaw, buh wan wub and tu wun 'gin, su muss nummies, huu huu. Starts munching owies, chipies, stawp, mouf hewties! resumes eating the bowl huu huu, wan die nu moh, wan weggies, mow meanie nummies!!

No. Your greed won’t be there to save you, your not going to be eating til you litter box poo that meal, and drink milk afterwards.

Huu huu, Otay, waity to poo

several hours later, when they’re napping, the first ‘sting’ of needing to poo hits, and off the fluff goes, waddling to the litter box. For the next hour, it’s screes as it’s ass burns from the jalapeno oils full of capsicum

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Classic. :slight_smile:

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Aw, it was trying to save its owner from the diabeetus.

That said, if its in the UK it would have eaten more than its own value most likely.

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I can think of a better punishment for eating chips.

“Accidentally” leave some of these on the floor:

Or you could just force feed them to the little bastard if you want to cut out the middleman.

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A fitting punishment.

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I dunno.

I can imagine an awkward situation where the Fluffy comes from a lineage that’s less affected, and now being caught between the need to find an alternative means of punishing it, and the realization you now have a fellow hot-head.

That’s when you bring out the nuclear option:


Pure capsaicin. 16 million scovilles. So many options…

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Would have to be careful. It could get a seizure, or breath it in and asphyxiate.

I would almost say the two best uses would be to bypass the mouth or ensure it couldn’t swallow it.

Maybe remove their tongue from the mouth but keep it attached by biological mesh or some other sci fi yadda yadda so the tongue can be placed in the container.

Or have a paralyzed anatomized living Fluffy with a mouth full of it swishing in and out, a separate machine breathing for it so the mouth no longer connects to the lungs, and either a wireless or wired connection between the “sensation Fluffy” and the one you intend to punish. Maybe not exposed brains connected by wires, more like a chip logging all sensation and sending it to a chip implanted in the brains of other Fluffies. Maybe sell them, just a Fluffy with all the parts separated in the rig so you can stimulate whatever you want and send that sensation. Maybe even a Hugbox variety, grow a brainless clone around the wifi chip and you can provide the taste of spaghetti no matter what it eats, hit a button to start squeezing the prostate and stimulate orgasms in randy males. I dunno.

Hahaha stupid shitrat.

Love your art bro