Unfuffiled Needs Pt. 5 (By DaxterIsAFluffy)

I left her in her box on top of the toilet while I checked on Raspberry. I cautiously opened the door and saw him, still asleep. He still had the adorable smile on his face with his tail starting to wag more as I got closer. I swooped him up and laid him down in my arm placing my other between his legs, scratching his tummy.

“WEEEE gud bwite time daddeh! Fwuffy hab happiess dweams! Su cited tu mee speshul fwen!”

“Well she’s getting ready right now. She is so excited to meet you she’s been crying since I adopted her. She has a problem with her weggies though. She needs to keep them in a box so they can be the best weggies for you!”, I said rocking him back and forth tickling him.

“Teeheehee su cited daddeh! Pwease wet Wasbewwy mee nyu speshul fwen!”

“Alright I’ll bring her in right now.”, I said setting him down, “But you need to be a good fluffy and sit still til I bring her in. Do you understand?”

“Yis daddeh! Wasbewwy be gud fwuffy an sta stiww fo daddeh!”

I didn’t want him knowing what had happened until it was time. I had to be fast before he starts hyping up his special place or something. I jogged to the bathroom and opened the door. The mare looked up at me with fear and sadness. I picked her up by the weggie box and she started to sob.

“C-c-can fwuffy hab sketti nao, nyu daddeh? Wuz gud fwuffy, wite? Gud fwuffies ged skettis?”

“I’ll figure something out about that later. Right now it’s time for you to see your new safe room!”, this made her gasp.

“Wiww hab sabewoom? Pwace tu wun an pway?! Nu mo weggie box?!?! Fwuffy wiww be sabe in sabewoom su nu nee weggie box huhuhuhu?!?!?!”

I didn’t bother responding.

“Daddeh? Daddeh, pwease? Fwuffy wub daddeh. Fwuffy wan gib daddeh su mini huggies huhuhu. Wan du dancies an upsies wid daddeh huhuhuhu.”

I opened the door to the saferoom and walked in. My precious boy was sitting still and proper and got up and started jumping around the moment he caught sight of the mare.


He followed me close as I walked her to the back left corner, away from the litterbox for now. As I set her down Raspberry began leaping up trying to grab the box.

“Patience, boy.”, I soothed, placing her down completely.

He looked at her in awe. She did not return the favor, her head still down and lighty sobbing.

“My nam is Wasbewwy. Wad is ‘ours?” He politely asked

“Nu hab namsie. Neba gibbin one.” She said in between sobs

“Don’ cwy pwetty fwuffy. Daddeh gib besses namsies. Can pwetty mawe hab namsies, daddeh?”

“I’ll have to think of a good one. For right now you two get to know each other.” I said happily. I dropped some of his blockies behind the weggie box so he would have easy access. I then walked to the opposite corner of the room to give them some space.

“Daddeh ged mawe fo Wasbewwy tu be speshul fwen. Du ou wan be speshul fwen?” He asked

“Huhuhu nu wan. Wan ou ob boxies. Wan wun an pway huhu.”

“Ids otay pwetty mawe.”, he said placing his front hooves on the front of the box and nuzzled her, “Wasbewwy gib besses enfies. Mak saddies gu way.”

He backed off the front of the box and trotted to the back. He carefully climbed up the blockies and got himself to the top of the box with ease. “Weggie Boxes” are made with breeding in mind. You just put the box in a slot and insert fluffy. It being free-standing might make it more of a balancing act for them but I doubt that was on either of there minds.

“Huhuhu nunununu pwease nu. Nu wan nu wan pwease. Daddeh hewp fwuffy sabe fwuffy huhuhu. Nu wan enfies. Am fo wun an pway. Nee huggies huhuhu.”, she cried, Raspberry either not hearing or no caring during his ascent.

He was now on top of the mare, scooting himself forward with small thrusts.

“Gib besses pwetty mawe aww enfies. Wub nyu fwen su muchies.”, he hadn’t even started and was already out of breath, “Su cited fo gud feews. Neba hab enfies befo wan gib mawe besses feews!”

He was positioned. He began to thrust causing the mare to whine more.

“Enfenfenf yaayy enfenfenfenfen- enfenfe- enfe-”, he began to pant harder. Now out of fear. He awkwardly scooted back off the mare almost collapsing into his blockies. With small whimpers he push his face into his crotch.

“huhuhuh- SCREEEEEEEEEEEE! DADDEH DADDEH HEWP FWUFFY SCREEEEEEEE! SUMFING WONG HEWP FWUFFY HUHUHU!”, he squealed out running towards me. Once he got to my feet he got on his hind legs and stretched his front hooves up to my so far I thought he’d rip himself in half.


“I’m sorry what fluffy?”, I said feigning confusion. I wanted him to acknowledge this as something happening to him. He wasn’t going to disassociate during the grand event.


I lifted him up with both hands around his body, holding him upright and outstretched just far enough he couldn’t reach me. He tried sucking on his hoof as I did so but was crying to hard to keep it in his mouth.

“What’s the matter?”, I said unable to hide my excitement that it all finally came to a head. That had to have been the longest day and a half of my life.


“Well, do you remember where you last had it?”

“HUHUHU Wasbewwy hab id on speshul pwace neba mode id huhu. Wai nu-nu stick weave nao?”, he continued to cry and cry as I took a look at his “speshul pwace” and saw my handy work. The cut was perfectly flush with his “wumps” giving him zero chance at “gud feews”. All he could do was pee and be horny.

“I’m sorry but I don’t know how to help you. If you don’t know where it is and since I would have no clue you are on your own.”


I started to set him down.


“Sorry but daddeh had to go. I hope you find your “nu-nu stick”. I’m sure its around here somewhere.”, I said to him setting him down and letting him go.

“Huuuhuuuu.”, he whined as he paced back and forth. He then galloped over to the mare and leapt up the “weggie box” in one fluid jump, then positioning himself, “EnfenfenfenfENF ENF ENF ENF HUHUHUHUHUHU GUD FEEW NU WORG HUUUUHUUUU!”

He wobbled his way off her and fell on his side. He lied there sobbing and whimpering about “gud feews” this and “nu-nu stick” that. The mare was completely absorbed in her own hell, a life that merely changed location.

I left the saferoom and closed the door behind me. I wasn’t satisfied though. There would have to be more. Raspberry’s life was amazing and had reached its peak in his mind when he saw that mare not knowing he was missing the only ingredient that mattered to him. The mare, unable to do any of the things that fluffies are programmed to do, forced to be a humping doll.

So much suffering in one room. How much can I stuff in there?


Raspberry thinking the best way to console the box mare is by humping her is peak Fluffy dumbness.

God help me I think he’ll get desperate enough to actually fight through the pain just for release.


How can we increase their suffering?
Cuck him :v
Pick up a stallion and make him enf her in front of Raspberry. Let Raspberry know any other stallion has a functioning nu nu stick. Raspberry IS the problem. Dispose of the stallion later (it could be a feral in such a case).
The mare will be heartbroken because she actually was enfed and Raspberry will be heartbroken from being cucked, knowing he’s the problem and getting even hornier.
What follows is either give the mare foal-be-gone or let her have her babbeh’s. The later will make Raspberry wish he had his own babbeh’s with the foal, making his desire stronger and not fulfilling it the more frustrating.
If the mare has poopeh babbeh’s, force her to only feed the poopeh ones. This will make her pissed and sad as well.
Or you could inject him with erection disfunction meds to make his blue balls even worse in a short time. The little stump he has for a dick will fill up with blood despite if he’s really aroused, making him feel ready to breed disregard his dickless crotch.
But nevermind me, I know you most likely have a great idea without my feedback.


dude you’re sick, and a fwuffing genius, i have so much to learn about torturing shit rats.


Come to think of it it is kinda fucked to get a fluffy just to aid in another fluffies sexual release
Like it’s obvious with enfie pals but even just a normal adoption of a companion fluffy there’s that hanging threat of “perform or go back”

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man you write the BEST fluffspeak. 10/10 keep on chooglin

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