Unrealistic Body Standards (Artist: SqueakyFriend)

wrong leggies

I’ll always be amused at how many artists draw fluffies with proper horse legs, and then mine just have teddybear anatomy.


oh the duality of fluffs, to horse leg, or teddy leg, that is the question :skull:


I thought this was an ‘instructions unclear’ meme at first.


“Squeaky is like Mickey Mouse, not an actual mouse,” H83R thought seconds after he had doodled the friendly rodent.


I kept seeing people saying they liked the small danty feet/hooves, so that’s the design I went for lol


i just draw legs the way i do cuz, well i’m a furry and started as a brony before finding this community x3

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I don’t really see it as teddybear anatomy though. But then again, teddybears have had different anatomy throughout the ages.

The original teddy bear from the 1900s had much longer legs and arms. I remember reading that teddy bears developed shorter legs and arms over time to appeal to older children and adults, whereas younger children would buy them as is.

I think it also depends on what artist influences there are. Pumpiikin and Fwuffee both cited Shadysmarty as an influence, for example.

But yeah @SqueakyFriend I’ve actually imagined your fluffies having horse/natural animal legs, actually because of how spry/active they are. The artists who tend to draw fluffies with “teddybear anatomy” tend to make them more clumsy, which is how I hardly see your fluffies.

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Counterpoint: These guys who you cannot hug without the limbs flapping all over. Undeniably a teddy, but definitely not clumsy!

(Don’t put too much stock in the exact wording, though, the big thing is that they don’t have unguligrade legs.)


i love the teddy bear like anatomy you do when you draw your fluffies! i definitely draw the horse legs on my fluffies because its just something that carried over from me learning to just draw horses albeit more stylized for fluffies cause i like the chonky limbs


moooood! same here, except i still dont know how to draw horses
did i make an emoji cuz i didnt find one that fit, yes, i’m stubborn


My dude has build-a-bear anatomy! All the better to cuddle with!

Side note: anyone else remember Bearville? It was sort of like Webkinz but for build-a-bears. Makes me wonder if kids would enjoy an online game similar to Bearville but for fluffies

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