Unwarranted self worth (Cyrilsneer)


To be fair, dude Iooks Iike a bush with a branch for a taiI

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Military green is good color.


Mum had to say you were pretty or else she’d be a bad mummah.

But since she lied to you, that still makes her a bad mummah.

You were both fucked regardless.


The thing is… the game was rigged from the start.

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Clearly that individual has no appreciation for camo chic.

Their loss. Also the Fluffy’s, but whatever.


Actually, it may not be a bad selling point. Hasbro and Mattel both mastered the art of marketing the accessories over the toy. Dingy colors, give it a little helmet and canteen. Brown, give it a chocolate bar and a little coffee cup. People may just buy it for the extras, but you still make a sale.


Aww poor thing, but the color is best for woodland area good camo.


Welcome friend! I don’t usually give out likes but I want you to feel welcome so have one!

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Cyrilsneer? I remember you, welcome back! You’re awesome man

I like to imagine his mummah is blind

Welcome to Fluffycommunity! What an adorably pathetic fluffy to start with, and a beautifully insulting scenario too! :rofl:

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Or just colorblind.

Must be my color blindness. I thought it was a brown foal.

Come here little one…your name will be Gilbert…

I love this idea. I kind of want to draw it,haha


Ah it’s so refreshing to see a “poopeh babeh” after al these years

Aah yes give it a good lesson of reality.