Updating casual fluffys?

hey guys!! I know this is a long shot but I’m a little obsessed with casual fluffys, I play everyday but I cant help but feel it could be so much more, does anyone know how to contact the original creator? even if they don’t want to update it, perhaps they would be willing to give permission for someone else to have a go? I see there are people here who seem to know a bit about making games and I’m sure I’m not the only one who would really appreciate an update? …pwetty pweaes?!?

Throw cash at it.

This is a joke.

The source code is available. Someone is working on it. They don’t post progress reports.


Can I have the link to the game?

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I don’t have much money to throw but for this game I would!! I’m happy to hear someone is working on it, shame there’s no progress reports though

I think if you search on here for casual fluffys it should come up!

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Don’t get your hopes up too much.

GitHub - Zaraishu/Casual-Fluffies is the github for the code that was released. I’ve heard a few folks poking at it but haven’t seen any updates from them in a while.

I’m sorry there weren’t any updates recently, but I’m very busy with my studies and work since March, and this will not change until August. My apologies.

The code that was passed along by “CasualDev” is barely maintainable. What I first need to do is to deeply understand its structure, document it, then refactor it into something more understandable. But I stopped working at it - for now.

But you are free to read and change it yourself - the GitHub repository which @eidalac posted is all yours.


This was the thread started by @UndeadG0D, but you’re right, there are no updates since of April 6.

(Maybe I should open a Patreon or something…I’m joking, I don’t do this for money.)

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Take the bills and dance.