Using AI Dungeon?

Any of you have ever thought about using this AI Dungeon to create a fluffy scenario?

I have seen others recreating other franchises, anime, movies or just fantasy worlds, even mlp.

Just curious if someone have ever tried it.


Not yet, but it’d be terrible if someone fed AI Dungeon text from various fluffy stories to parse. I certainly wouldn’t want to see the degeneracy AI Dungeon could come up with. Absolutely not. Never…


It usually stabs in random directions, learning from what the player undoes and alters to try and set a mood. It has a hard time coming up with names, but throws out decent plot hooks and subtle progression when it gets rolling.

The biggest hurdles are for players. New ones rely too much on the Do and Say functions, instead of using them only to advance simple conversations and non-risky detail actions.

The biggest hurdles of all would be teaching it Fluffspeak and getting it to stick to it (letting it be from the human perspective of simply understanding what it said would be easiest), quick editing otherwise decent responses since it has a tendency to mixup characters both in the long and short term (it would no doubt default Fluffies to humans every so often, and mix up whether the player is Fluffy or Abuser during Abuse), and sometimes have a Fluffy spout off a hot lead on a king’s magical amulet in perfect English or pull out a chainsaw with an attached bayonet while you somehow revert to Fluffspeak when being shouted at about shitting on the carpet.

That said, its eerie how well it works sometimes. Once in a game about Legend Of Zelda: Minish Cap it started whipping out lore from other games that wasn’t programmed into the world info that I can only assume the AI got off google or other Zelda stories people have done in the past that it remembered. Then in the same game it suddenly decided like seven undos in a row that everything was suddenly on a space station, and every so often tried to slip back into the space station as the setting.


It’d be great to see how AI Dungeon does with fluffies though tbh. Maybe a little crazy but probably fun.

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There isn’t much lore to program, actually. Its reliant on keywords, so the starting point would be word choices in world info. Most Fluffy info is heavily based on headcanon pilfered from existing works for the most part.

Playing an Abuser may be more difficult than being a Fluffy since there isn’t a lot to live through outside torture usually. A Hugboxer would probably be easiest since, aside from forgetting species details and just deciding one to spam over and over, AI-D lends itself amazingly well to group management and dealing with other groups of randos. It also seems to actually do well at you being able to switch which character you are, which is funny because it usually does that when you don’t want it to. The Hugboxer can be theFluffy trying to defend the yard and house from becoming a Sadbox story, then the human after work. But using an afterlife or simple character swap allows you to progress the story even when you lose. If you decide you’re a Fluffy ghost all of a sudden, the game will shrug and do its best.


I haven’t gone near Ai Dungeon since the time during a zombie Apocalypse scenario it suddenly turned into a Cthulhu dating sim…
God knows how cursed it would get with fluffies.

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I wonder if it’s possible to flood the ai with enough fluffy content that the shit-rats could start showing up randomly in generated content


Tried it once, AI dungeon called me a fucking loser.

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I am not surprised

I think I have seen a few short Adventures of Fluffies in AI Dungeon. Nothing in Scenarios though. AI Dungeon has a new rule against animal abuse, and seeing how the Griffin module tends to drift into turbo violence regardless of what you write, that maybe why there are no stories there. That and Griffin has a tough time telling humans and fluffies apart, and tends to have fluffies talk normally.

I tried it a bit, but Griffin was too much of a pain to work with. Dragon might be better though.

Dragon has an easier time with accents. Its just overall better, which makes sense for $10 a month.

I’m still trying to get it to do Fluffspeak without dumping World Info with all the primary Fluffy vocabulary.

I’ve found “slurred baby talk” works kinda. Inputting it for each named Fluffy character, and every Fluffy subspecies entry, puts out a similar sentence structure about a third of the time.
The issue is surprisingly not that it associates the characters being drunk or a child. Its that in testing all the types of Fluffies I input the Jellens are just Earthies, Smarties don’t do the accent structure at all and just kind of default to being irrational humans, Ferals are just aggressive animals who parrot back words they hear, and inputting Anthros just for amusement made them into Fluffies that are horny for humans. Somewhat like Incase’s Puazi. I’m thinking AI Dungeon has had the word anthro meaning porn and feral meaning monster burned into its algorithm.

So far I’ve been starting a random adventure and editing things. Now I’m thinking I need to create a World.