I want to see how many people viewed my posts


It’s only visible if there’s a comment on it iirc.
This will test that.

Edited: Yeah, that’s it.

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oooooohhh! oopsie poopsie!

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no worries
you didn’t know so you asked
that’s exactly what these kinds of posts are for

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I only just learned that you can do that, so thank you for educating me.

Kinda weird that there has to be a comment to see the views, though. Isn’t there a way to change that?

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always good when a question post leads others to something new.

There probably is, but Discourse is janky and hard to deal with at times. And I have zero clue when it comes to that side of the site.

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If changing it could send the whole site crashing down like a house of cards again, I wouldn’t risk it. There’s a simple workaround, anyway.

And before you ask...

No, I’m not going to comment on all of my stories to see how many views they have.

Shaun of the Dead

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I don’t always get all the like notifications and will sometimes see one notification for three likes or at least get a group notification if possible.

But couldn’t the mods just make the counter visible to the poster all the time?

You only will get a like notification if it’s the first like.
After that, there’s a period of like a day where you won’t be notified if the same post is liked. After that, you’ll get a notification and the cycle repeats.

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It’s not as simple as clicking an icon or flicking a switch most likely.
And as Nobody put it, making even minor changes can be both difficult and cause other things to go screwy.