Vulnerable (Part 16) by MightyMorphinFluffy

Oliver hadn’t slept in two days due to Luna’s dream sharing and he decided to take her and Stripes to the fluffy park so they could stay awake and Oliver could get some sleep.

Oliver arrives at the park and takes Luna to the "soon momma" section while Stripes is left with all the other fluffies. Oliver sits on a bench and falls asleep. 

Your name is Princess and you were your mother’s best baby. One day a nice human came and took you home. She said that you were a “designer fluffy” and that you were the best fluffy ever because of your Mane and your Coat. You always got what you wanted no matter what until you told your momma that you wanted babies.

The dummy said no so you ran away. How dare that dummy tell you no! You’re the best fluffy ever and you deserve babies! You came across a big park with a bunch of stallions and soon mommas. You saw the stallion you wanted to have babies with and brought him behind some bushes so nobody would see.

You told him to give you special hugs but he told you no. He said that he already had a special friend that had tummy babies and that he wouldn’t betray her by giving you special hugs. You told him to forget about her and just give you babies but he said no again.

You felt rage build inside of you and you were about to kill him but some mare screamed because she was having her babies. The stallion rushed to a mare and helped her through birth. Eventually, They fell asleep with the babies on the mare’s back.

You snuck over and examined the babies. She had six babies but you only took three.

The ones you left either had two heads, wings but was a poopie baby, or four wings and two horns.

They could keep those since they were monster babies and a poopie baby but you’ll take the pretty ones since they’re the only ones that deserve love. You really are the best fluffy ever.


not sure what happened to the text at the beginning

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Dang. How unfortunate that everybody ended up tired from all that happened at the park. Since Princess probably doesn’t have milk, the three foals she stole will probably die unless they get found by someone more capable. :pensive:

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