"Wan die" loop?

Hey guys. I’ve been thinking about the “wan die” loop and if/how it can be broken for a bit, and I’m wondering what you think on the topic. How does it affect a fluffy physically and psychologically? Can it be broken? If so, how? Any related thoughts are welcome.


i mean, my guess is that it’s when a fluffy reaches a point of pain where it considers death as a mercy, and gets a hard-to-get-rid-of deathwish.


Very head-cannon dependent, but generally the answer is no. Most of the time a fluffy entering the loop means it’s to far gone to save.

It does happen in some stories however.

For me, it depends on the cause of the loop and how fast it’s responded to.

If the cause (stressor) has been removed/resolved and the fluffy can get some TLC in the first few minutes, it will likely recover.

If the stressor can’t be removed/resolved (IE the loop was triggered by ongoing physical injury) recovery is more dicey, but still possible, depending on how severe the issue is. Greater the ongoing stress, less likely it can recover.

If it’s been more than an hour or so, it’s not recoverable.

Fluffies are, typically, shown to be to mentally simplistic to suffer from long term trauma, so if I can be recovered there may be no lasting results - but that’s also very subjective based on cannon.

It comes down to how much they are 'programmed bio toys" vs animals. If they are considered bio-toys, the failure state is likely to be a hard-wired situation that can’t be resolved. If they are just highly modified animals, they would have a more nuanced mentality - opening them to recovery as well as long term PSTD.


if it makes for an interesting story than yes


I personally prefer the “animal” approach, and I see it as a very severe depressive state, making it a mental illness. I generally agree with what you said, and I think pleasant, positive sensations are capable of distracting a fluffy from “wan die”, but only when it’s not too far gone. The more it progresses, the harder it is, and the easier it is for the fluffy to relapse into depression.


In my opinion, “wan die” is the end. Breaking a fluffy out of the loop leads to constant screaming to the point of shredding their own vocal chords.

Fluffies have no concept of death beyond a sleep that lasts forever, so when a fluffy acknowledges and begs for death, even if you could break the loop, it’s too far gone to be saved.

At least it’s previous personality. The factory reset electrode shock and derping would overwrite the loop, so you could technically save the fluffy, but the amount of trauma required to put them in the loop would generally make them more likely to die from the reset, and derped fluffies require constant, vigilant care or they are likely to kill themselves anyways.

In general, “wan die” loops are breakable, but not worth breaking as a fluffy would just scream until they die.

At least that’s the way it goes for physical trauma induced wan die loops, mentally or emotionally caused are harder to predict.


This is going to be the topic in Abuser’s Webguide 8


The “Wan-Die” is extremely headcannon dependent, but mine has always been that its the breaking point.

Fluffies are “programmed,” for things like love and hugs and spaghetti. Humans are for love, so when a human causes a fluffy so much distress that it overloads the fluffies programming, it breaks.

For me, the wan-die loop is a point of no return, there is nothing left in the fluffy, it has no personality, no motive to live, nothing. Its like you deleted system 32, its just borked.


That’s an interesting take. I don’t quite understand why they scream though

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When your that broken it’s all you can do


The way I see it, the “wan die” loop was a behavioral trait the public was never meant to see (like mummahs choosing favorites based on color). The loop is a debugging technique used to see what the threshold for fluffies is, whether it be physical trauma, emotional abuse, or isolation/being neglected.

Any good programmer is going to take out such a test before shipping the final product. So in my headcannon, no, there is no recovery from the “wan die” loop. It was put in place so that the “point of no return” had a clear demarcation rather than a gradual slide, leaving fluffy engineers wondering at what point was too much for that specific fluffy.


This is the only correct answer


Some might say derping is a way to exit the wan die loop

Sorry for ressurecting an oldass thread but wanted to give my 2 cents for my headcanon
I feel the “wan die” loop is something that can be broken even if it reached a point the fluffy is cathatonic. Like, extremely hard and takes a lot of patience but is treatable in the long run. I imagine the resulting fluffies who break the loop would be more shy and reserved and possibly prone to nightmares, but still functioning pets and friends

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So they can be brought back, but end up with PTSD? They probably are more prone to panic whenever they see something related to their trauma. But, on the other hand, they are more mature and understanding of others’ issues, and extremely loyal and loving to those who brought them out of the loop.

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Yeah i imagine they would be more mature and self aware than other fluffys after breaking the loop.
how the fluffy cope with this newfound awareness could be a double edged sword too, extreme hoplesness and nihilism or a newfound sense of hope and understanding (and everything in between)

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I’ve said it before, the “wan die” loop is essentially a fatal error condition in fluffy programming. Getting there means the fluffy is mentally broken. They’ve exhausted all other coping pathways and are unable to see a path forward to feeling better. They’re hopelessly optimistic and finally breaking that optimism is usually the last straw for their tiny minds. When fluffies know that they’re never going to get better, their world shatters, leaving them a sobbing wreck.

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The Wan Die loop seems to vary from head canon to head canon.
As long as the core premise is there(the fluffy experiences too much and goes near catatonic, only chanting “Wan Die” over and over) then I think it’s fine to create your own take on it


It feels weird to say this to someone who’s been in the fandom 10 times longer than me, but it’s all headcanon-dependent. Some, like yourself, decide that it is the end of a fluffy’s mind. Some may be more optimistic. There are few universal truths when it comes to fluffies.


Time in the fandom is not indicative of correctness in this fandom.

I hold to the idea that fluffies have self replicating nanobots in their heads to assist higher brain functions, speech, and psychological controls. Practically no one else does and that’s okay. The only constants for fluffies are:

  • Fluffy
  • Baby talk
  • Weak