Wanting is Better Then Having by SnakevsFluffy

You are Melly, a white wingie fluffy with pretty brown hair. Like every other mare on earth, there is one thing you cover most. More than toysies, and a mummuh or daddeh, or a special friend, or even skettis.

Yes, even more then SKETTIS.

That, of course, would be babbehs!

Thanks to Hasbio, you are hardwired to want babbehs. Every mare is. You want babbehs, then you get babbehs, then they grow up into big fluffies, then you get babbehs again….

Thus is the cycle of every mare. Well, the super lucky ones that is. Feral mares usually lose most if not all their babies due to fluffies being retarded horse pig children that were never meant to live in the wild. Yet somehow herds are all over the world, that’s irony for you.

Common house fluffies are usually allowed one set of babbehs that are either kept with the parents or sold off for money. One set, that’s it.

Then you have breeder fluffies. Mares who are usually raped in mills to pump out babbehs like no tomorrow. They never get to bond with their spawn. Even worse, however, are milk bags. Pillowed mares who are used for Milkies and nothing else. A cruel existence.

Oh yeah, back to you, Melly!

You want babbehs!

“Mummuhs?” You ask pleadingly to you two hoomun mummuhs. They’re very nice and give you toysies, flufftv, and skettis. “Kin……kin Mewwy hab babbehs?”

One of your mummuhs rolls her eyes. “Melly….”

“Oh come on babe, atleast give her a chance to speak before you start being a grumpy grump.” She then gave your other mummuh a kiss on the thingy next to your nummie place. You forgot what it’s called.

“I guess….but who’s to say she’ll be a good mom or not. I don’t want her to get bitch mare syndrome.”

“I doubt that will happen, she’s over a year old.”

“Pweeeeeeaaaaassssssseeeeeee mummuhs! Mewwy wan babbehs to gib huggsies an pway and toysies an sketti and pway and huggsies and pway an skettis an-“ You pleaded so hard before your mummuhs stopped you.

“Ok ok….let’s find you a stallion.”

“Yay yay yay yay yaysies! Yuu da best mummuhs eba!” You began to do the babbeh dance and the babbeh song, which was the bestest dance and the bestest song in the whole wide world! “Babbehs babbehs babbehs, gun hab da babbehs, gun be a mummuh, mummuh mummuh mummuh, gun gib miwkies, miwkies miwkies miwkies!”

One of your mummuh’s smiled and giggled while the other just rolled her eyes again. Well, you’d show her.

Babbeh make EVERYTHING better.


A month or two later, you weren’t sure, you were now a big round soon mummuh! Your mummuhs has\d found you a handsome colt to give you special huggies, which felt really really good! Sadly, he wasn’t allowed to be your special friend, which gave you very big heart hurties, but then you remembered you were gonna have babbehs so you got happy again.

You were big. REALLY big. So big that even your mummuhs were confused. You were so big that you couldn’t move. You had to be carried to the litterbox for pee pees and poopies.

Then, one day……


Your delivery was actually very easy, though it gave your special place a lot of hurties. Your mummuhs are both there, putting your babbehs on pillows while giving you pets and telling you what a good fluffy you were being.

“Hot damn, these are some great colors.”

“Hot DAMN, these are a LOT of foals!”

All in all, your mummuhs said you had 11 foals. You didn’t know what that meant, but all you knew is that was a lot of them and they were all yours. As soon as possible you began giving them lickie cleanies, huggies, and plenty of miwkies.

Though by the end you felt really really weak and very thirsty after they had greedily suckled your miwkie places. But that didn’t matter. You had your babbehs and they had you. You are now a mummuh.

“Mummuh wub babbehs, babbehs wub mummuh, dwink AWW da miwkies, gwow big an stwong!”


You LOVED your babbehs. Every day they would wake you up and after their morning miwkies, you would play with them all day long! It was so much funsies! You played ball and bwockies, and huggy tag, and hide and seeksies. You never had so much fun as they chirped and peeped along.

Oh! And the dancies!

Every day you would do dancies for them and then they would do dancies for you!!! It was so bestest and funsies!

After a……week? Your mummuhs called it, they became tawkie babbehs!!!

“Hewwo mummuh!”

“Wub mummuh!”

“Mummuh bestest mummuh!”

“Babbeh wan miwkies!”

“Babbeh wan pway!”

“Babbeh nee huggies!”

“Babbeh gun gu poopies!”

“Babbeh di bad poopies….”

“Babbeh du pee pees!”

“Babbeh wan baww!”

“Babbeh wan bwockies!”

It melted your heart.

All these beautiful bestest perfectest babbehs were all yours!

This was bestest!!!


“Mummuh Mewwy……su….su sweepy….” You wheezed out. Your babbehs were now much bigger, though still babbehs and not a grown fluffy like you. They now had more energy than ever and were constantly playing with you, needing huggies from you, and of course, drinking your miwkies.

It was exhausting.

You almost never had a moment to yourself, always needing to give attention to your wonderful babbehs. The worst part was breaking up fights. Two of your babbehs, two colts named Jump and Jive, were ALWAYS giving eachother sowwy hoofsies over everything.

“Dummeh bwudda gib Jump toysies!!!”


You….you don’t remember calling Jive your bestest babbeh. You were told bestest babbehs didn’t exist and that good mummy’s had no bestest babbehs. Maybe you did call him that……but you simply couldn’t remember….

“Pwease….babbehs……nu fight….be fwiens wike odda….bwuddas and sissies……su sweepy….” You attempted to waddle over to them to give them huggies and calm them down……but you found that your weggies simply didn’t want to move! “W-wha weggies nu wowk? Dummeh….weggies……wisten tu……mummuh….”

“Mummuh mummuh mummuh!” One of your fillies, Sunny, chirped excitedly as she nudged your side roughly. “Wook at babbeh Sunneh! Kin du dancies!” She then began to do dancies while loudly chirping.

You smile faintly, feeling your see places get really tired. “Das….das nice….yu gud….babbeh….”

“Mummuh wook!” Your son Concrete yells across the saferoom. “Make gud poopies in wittabawx!!!”

“Mummuh! Gween nee miwkies! Hab tummeh huwties! Nee miwkies nao mummuh!”

“Mummuh! Kin hab skettis soonsies?”





You collapse into slumber.


“Huuuu huuu huuuuuu, mummuh pwease waek up! Pwease!!!” You awoke to Concrete crying in your face, tears streaming down his chubby grey cheeks. “Jump and Jibe hab axxident!”

You spring up as fast as you can to see the rest of your babbehs crowded around something, all crying, doing pee pees, and doing bad poopies outside of the litterbox.

As you approached, you could see what they were sobbing over.

Jump and Jive had gone forever sleepies.

Some blockies were on top of both of them, their spines and necks crushed. Their eyes and tongues were bugging out violently, a sight that made you do scardy poopies!

Suddenly, your mummuhs burst through the door!

“What is everyone crying about? Is everyone o-OH MY GOD! WHAT HAPPENED!!!”

Sunny spoke up, tears in her eyes. “M-m-mummuh!!! Huu huu huuu! Bwudda Jibe was pwayin wit bwockies when Jump cum oba and wanna pway wit bwockies tu huuu huuu huu! Den they gib sowwy hoofsies an an an an da bwockies faww downsies!!! Huu huu huu, dey go foweba sweepies!!!”

“Melly!” Your mummuh shouted, making you yelp and crouch low to the ground. “Where were you! Were you not watching them?! How could you let this happen?!!”

“S-sowwy mummuh……Mewwy jus….just su tiwed. Needed tu gu sweepsies fo jus a widdwe bit……Mewwy nut nu wha happun……”

Your mummuh scooped up your two dead foals, their broken bodies nearly falling apart in her hands, making the rest of your babbehs sob even louder.

“I am furious at you.” She said as she exited the room.

You looked around to see your sobbing babbehs, all hugging eachother and wishing their brothers would be brought back to life somehow. They were all heartbroken. Your 11 babbehs were now 9 babbehs.

You felt nothing.


A few weeks had past since Jump and Jive went forever sleepies. Your babbehs had mostly gotten over it, though sometimes they had face wawas when they thought about them.

You hadn’t cried at all over them.

You knew that was wrong. That you should be sobbing over your lost babbehs every single day. But your body just wouldn’t allow it. You couldn’t even try to force tears out. You felt sad about them, but……it was like you didn’t care. You were numb to their deaths.

Your two mummuhs were VERY angry at you for letting them go forever sleepies. They yelled at you and kept you in the Sorry box for a few days while they took care of your babbehs.

“Nu mummuhs! Wet Mewwy hab babbehs! Babbehs NEE dey mummuh su muchsies!!!” It was the most energy you had had in a while.

“Melly….you let’s two of your babbehs DIE. We’re not sure that you can take care of them.”

“Nu! Mewwy cansies! It Nu Mewwy’s fawt huu huu huuu! Wuz su sweepy dat Mewwy gu sweep! Su tiwed from pwayin wit babbehs!!! Pwease mummuhs, nu taek babbehs away!!!” You pleaded as you rocked back and forth in the Sorry box. You could hear your babbehs playing and babbling in the next room over, fueling your heart hurties.

“Melly, we’ll take care of your babbehs. They’ll be fine. But you need to be punished for what you did, even if you didn’t mean it.”

You screamed and threw a tantrum as they left the room. You loved your babbehs!!! You were a good mummuh!!!


Atleast, that’s what your thinky place told you. Your heart said something different.


After forever in the Sorry box, you were allowed to have your babbehs again. They were so happy to see you and you were so happy to see them!

You hugged and played and gave them miwkies and watched flufftv for the whole day!!!

Though you noticed that one of your mummuhs would always be the the safe room with you. You wondered if they were there because they wanted to keep an eye on you. But you knew that was silly. You were a good mummuh who loves her babbehs more then anything in the world. Even more then sketti! They were probably just there to have fun to!

“Tank yuu, mummuhs! Tank yuu fo gibbin backsies mummuh Mewwy’s babbehs! Yuu da bestest mummuhs eba and Mewwy wub yuu foweba!”

They smiled at you and patted your head. Even the one who rolled her eyes a lot.

This went on for forever and forever. It was soooooo nice!

You were a mummuh again and it was the bestest ever!!!


More forevers past and you slowly became so sleepy all the time again. Your babbehs had so much energy! You were playing with them so much that you had gotten skinnier, which felt weird. They were growing very fast and no longer needed milk, which was very nice. Your milky places were hurting constantly from having to feed so many mouths.

You still watched and played with them a lot, though not as much as you used to. It felt strange, you used to LOVE playing with your babbehs all the time, but now……not so much. You’d rather be sleeping or just laying down and watching your bundles of joy frolic and romp in the safe room.

Thankfully, there had been no more fights between your babbehs after what happened to Jump and Jive. They had learned that fighting was bad and that bad fluffies go forever sleepies.

You had been doing such a good job as mummuh that your owners let you watch the babbehs alone again. You didn’t know how to feel about it. After a while, you liked having their help. 9 babbehs was still a LOT of babbehs.

Today, you had just gotten done playing an exhausting game of ball. Ball was their favorite game and your favorite too! It was so much fun!

But now you were tired and wanted to go to sleep.

Unfortunately for you, your babbehs did not want to follow.


“Yes babbeh Sunneh?”

“Kin pway mowe?”

“Yu an odda babbehs kin pway. Mummuh sweepy wite nowsies. Wiww pway nex day. Mummuh wub yuu.”

Sunny looked very sad, but nodded her head in understanding.

Your eyes began to droop, letting wonderful slumber overtake your skinny frame. It felt bestest….


“WHA WHA HAPPUN!!” You screech as you leap awake. “AWW BABBEHS OKAYSIES!!! BABBEHS HUWT!!!” Your eyes darted around the room in a panic, looking for any dead babbehs.

“Nu mummuh!” Concrete said cheerfully. “Babbeh just wan show yuu sumptin!”

You let out a sigh of relief before a grumpy look creeps upon your face. “Babbehs….mummuh nu wan see wite nao. Mummuh nee westies an sweep. Am suuuu tiwed. Kin show mummuh nex day.” You just couldn’t deal with this right now. You felt ready to fall over from exhaustion. “Mummuh wub yuu tho. Awways wiww.”

You then settled back down before letting your eyes close, hoping that your sleep would be interrupted.

You would be wrong.

“M-mummuh hates us…” one babbeh said sadly.

“Pwease mummuh, watch us dancies! Dancies fo mummuh!!!”

“Wook at dancies mummuh!”

“Dancies mummuh!”

“Fwuffy dancies!”

“Dancies dancies dancies!”

“Aww da dancies!”

“Uh oh, Weddy du bad poopies! Nebamind, dancies!!”





You then blacked out.


When you woke up you were in a big white room, your mummuhs looking at you with worried looks on their faces. They looked so sad and heart hurties. There was also another human there. A big scary looking man in a white coat. He scared you.

“M-mummuhs….” You weakly chirped. “Nu wet scary man….huwt Mewwy….pwease mummuhs….”

“Sweetie, he won’t hurt you. He’s a fluffy doctor. He’s here to help you.”

“That’s right!” The man said, his voice much nicer then how he looked. “I’m here to make sure you feel all better.” Then he looked at your mummuhs. “Can you tell me what happened again?”

The eye rolling mummuh spoke up. “Well, we heard screaming from the safe room and when we came in, Melly was laying on top of on of her foals, totally knocked out. Thankfully the foal is alive, but her front leg is mangled. Probably will need to be cut off.”

Your other mummuh started to speak as well. “The other babbehs were all in a panic except Sunny. She told us that Melly started screaming about how much she hated them before she just passed out on top of her foal. Please Dr. West, we’re worried about our Melly…”

“Hmmmm…” He tapped his chin. “Let me as her a few questions. First, Melly, sweetie, are you tired?”

You nodded weakly. “Yus…. Su tiwed….”

“Have you always wanted babbehs?”

“Y-yus……mummuh awways wan babbehs….babbehs bestest ting eba….”

“Now Melly. This is the hardest question of all. Do you LIKE having babbehs?”

That one hit you like a truck full of sketti. Of course you loved having babbehs! What a stupid question! You were a mummuh, a MARE. Of COURSE you loved babbehs! Babbehs were the BESTEST thing a mare could have!!!


“Melly….” The Man looked sad. “Tell the truth…”


“Then why did you scream at them and tell them you hated them?”

“W-wha. Nu. Nu. Mewwy nu du dat. Mewwy wub babbehs! Wud neba say dat tu babbehs….nu……nu……YOU WYIN!!! HATECHU!! GON GIB SOWWY HOOFSIES AN WOWSTEST OWWIES TU MEANIE DOCTUH AN MEANIE MUMMUHS!!! MEWWY……Mewwy dunno……Mewwy jus……Mewwy dunno……”

You broke down into a puddle of tears and sobs. “Huuuu huuu huuu, Mewwy dunno if Mewwy wub hew babbehs! Mewwy su tiwed, Mewwy su sadsies! Buh Mewwy kno Mewwy am mawe an aww mawes an mummuhs WUB babbehs!!! Das how it is!!! AM MEWWY A BAD FWUFFY!!!”

“Well…it’s rare……but some mares just don’t love thier babbehs…” The Dr said sadly before turning to your mummuhs. “I think a latent personality trait as well as the sheer number of foals has made Melly unable to enjoy having children. Please, don’t be mad at her, it’s not her fault. I’ve seen this before. I……I’ll let you three have some time alone.” He then exited the room.

“Melly?” Eye Rolling Mummuh said in a soft voice. “It’s not your fault.”

“Am….am bad mummuh….”

“Not true.” Other mummuh said. “You tried the best you could but…some things just aren’t meant to be. If anything, it’s our faults. We should have realized that the huge number of babbehs was unhealthy for you.” She scratched your head lovingly.

“Huuuu huuuu huuuuuuu, am WOWSTEST mummuh EBA. Thinky pwace teww Mewwy dat Mewwy am mummuh an wubs babbehs.” You bury your face in your hoofsies. “Buh, buh….HEAWT HAB WOWSTEST HUWTIES AN TEWW MEWWY DAT MEWWY NU WUB BABBEHS ANYMOWE!!! AM WOWSTEST MUMMUH AM WOWSTEST MAWE! MEWWY NEE GU FOEBA SWEEPIES WIKE JUMP AN JIBE HUUU HUUUU HUUUUUUU……”

Then, both of your mummuhs embraced you in the biggest huggsies ever. “Shhhh, shhhhhh. It’s okay Melly. You’re a good fluffy and a good mummuh.”

You didn’t know what to believe anymore.


Your babbehs were gone.

Your mummuhs gave them away to new homsies with new mummuhs and daddehs. You gave them all tearful goodbyes and hugs, though you noticed that some of them flinched and looked scared when you got close. That gave you heart hurties.

Now, it was just you and your two mummuhs again. Life was better, but you never felt the same happiness as before. You had regained your weight, enjoyed playing with your mummuhs, loved watching flufftv with them, and you got sketti much more often now.

Yet you still felt damaged. Broken. A mare who didn’t love her babbehs. Deep down you knew letting them go was the best choice, even your stupid fluffy brain could realize that. You simply weren’t meant to be a mummuh.

But that meant you weren’t really a mare? Well, it meant that you were a failed mare. A failure. A bad fluffy. A meanie mummuh,

You went on to live a full 12 year fluffy lifespan, having plenty of fun times with your mummuhs and more good times then bad.

But even on your deathbed, as the kind Dr. from before was going to send you to Skettiland, as your mummuhs tearfully looked onward and held your hoofsies, as you remember all the wonderful moments in your long long life, a large word rattled in your dying mind.



God, that’s… kind of a tragedy. Poor Melly.




Poor Melly. I get not wanting kids despite instinct, but it’s brutal to understand that after having kids. Maybe she should have been given a single foal and some hormones to make milk. Eleven foals is an unholy number.


Jeeze, I’m surprised the humans didn’t think about the fact she had eleven fucking foals.

Good story.


Wow, I HATE kids and this one still stung :frowning:


If she had only like 3 or 4 she MIGHT have been ok But like the Dr said, it might just not be meant to be.


Her mummuhs aren’t used to fluffy’s So yeah, some of the blame is on them too.


Nah, that just seems like some thinking. No fluffy experience needed.


Yeah, exactly. A normal litter would let her sleep. She might actually love the little bastards in that case.


Jump and Jive are the exception.

Fuck those smarties in the making.


Yeesh. Way to make me feel bad for a fluffy.


Or you know, perhaps another options was recognizing that eleven lives are rather a large challenge for a single mummah fluffy, and bring in her special friend or a nurse mare or some other assistance sometime BEFORE the fluffy gets sleep deprived and exhausted enough to lash out at her babies like she did. Or cull the litter down a wee bit. Even after two of them DIED they still mostly left Melly to be the only adult fluffy in charge of nine growing babies, and inevitably something would fall short- its just a testament to whatever they were feeding her that it wasn’t starvation.

Fun fact, sleep deprivation is considered an effective means of torture.

Not that it takes any real schooling to be a fluffy vet clearly but this ‘doctor’ should have realized this was a case of an overworked single mom crying out for help and her two dumbass owners being completely oblivious to the situation until it was completely out of control. Though I do like a story where the owners aren’t that many more brain cells than the fluffy, in this instance they bear the majority of the blame, while its the fluffy that feels it. THAT makes for effective sadbox ( and anti-justicebox but that’s not a tag… yet. )


Glad the story worked as intended!

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