War of the fluffy herds, by: 2Minds1Body

This is a short story, 'cus I am kind of running dry on insperation for Break of Dawn.

So enjoy this.

The war of the Fluffy Herds

Galadriel’s Poem

Five days ago, they came. A herd of bad fluffies led by an equally worse smarty. They came and demanded of us our food, mares, and homes, things we denied.

They attacked first, but we did not run. We suffered losses, but won that battle. They took our babies, so we took theirs. Those they hated, we treated with love. Those that ran, we chased and dragged back.

Now they serve us, as out litter friends and milk friends (fluffy word for milk bag). As for the smarty, he was buried up to his head, and covered in poopies. When the foals of the captured are born, we will take them, and give them to the ones that lost their own.

-Galadriel Fluffy Queen of the Reject Herd.

The Lines are Drawn By

Five days before she was named, Galadriel was nursing her three foals, one was the honey gold, one was a milk chocolate, and the last was a dark oak, none of the babies were old enough to have mane or tail color yet. Her special friend standing guard outside, his horn shiny and his wings full. A unicorn scout rushed to the tree where the smarty mare lay, “Smawty, deh am a big hewd of meanie wooken fwuffies commin. Dew smawty hab meanest toughies tu.” “Gabbeh dew toughies, an’ anywone dat can pwotech hewd.” She turned to her mate, “gaddah daw mammahs, soon mammahs, and aw dah babbehs into twee nesties.”

Galadriel walked out, and was soon joined by every male alicorn in the herd, all the toughies came, including baby less toughie mares, all the unicorns, pegasus, and earth types, and once the mothers and babies were hidden, her special friend joined them. They formed a wall of fluff, and prepared as the opposing herd approached, upon seeing them, the Smarty separated himself from the group and stepped towards Galadriel, he was a blood red pegasusw type. (w= working wings)

The Battle of Words

Galadriel spoke first, interrupting the initial inhale of the opposing smarty, “Wai aw ‘ou hewe. Dew am wots of woom in dis pwace. You don’ need to be hewe. You can weave nao, discuss peacfuwwy, ow we can fight.” The smarty was taken back by this mare. She was beautiful, more beautiful than his current special friend. “Wisten hewe dummeh mawe,” Galadriel’s herd tensed at the insult, “You awe vewy pwetty, bu’ obviouswy vewy stoopi.” Rage burned in Galadriel’s eyes, but she remained calm, “An’ wai do ‘ou tink dat?” The smarty rolled his eyes, and in a mocking tone, “Duh it am because ‘ou hab many dummeh munstaw fwuffies.”

Every alicorn type in the line up tensed, the founding alicorn types had told the stories of being mis-treated for their horns and wings, and the newer generations all knew this. Galadirel felt the tension and calmly stepped forward, tossing her mane and tail in a way that aroused all the males in the opposing herd, especially the smarty, “Wat makes a fwuffy a munstaw?” The smarty’s special friend had to kick him, “Speciaw fwen’ smawty, stahp wooken at dah odaw smawty, she aweady habs a spechiw fewn.” The smart looked at the fluffy standing close to Galadriel, “Smawty see dat dummeh pwety mawe habs ugwy poopie fwuffy fow spechiaw fwend.”

Galadriel’s mate growled at this, and as he spread his wings to touch them to his horn, he got into the defensive battle stance, similar to the downward dog Yoga position. The rest of the alicorns in the line did the same, in fact, every fluffy did the same. The smarty took a step back at this, but Galadriel flicked her tail, and popped her mate’s nose, “Nu not yet.” The line relaxed folding their wings. Galadriel turned back to the smarty “You call dem monsawt an poopie because of dew wingies, howns, and cowers, but dat onwy pvooes dat ‘ou aw a dummeh, wasist, colowist, poopie, munstah. An’ as fow me, wess.” Galadriel spread her massive wings to their full extent.

The smarty took a step back, Galadriel flicked her tail into the air, the ‘prepare’ sign. The line once more returned to the battle stance. Galadriel raised her wings to the highest position, and flapping them. The opposing smarty gave a ‘REE” and said, “Toughies gib de’ muntaws sowwy hooves, buh weab deh pweatty smawty. Smawty wiww un-munstaw hew.”

The Battle of Hooves

The toughies charged, there were ten in all. Galadriel charged, jumped into a crouching stance, jumped and glided over the toughies, going directly over their heads, and aiming for the smarty. The smarty squealed in fear, turned tail and ran behind his herd, Galadriel close behind. The herd split to get out of the squealing smarty’s path, and tried to block Galadriel, only to get jumped on, or slashed with the sharp curved horn of the furious mare.

The smarty’s herd split into three factions, the mothers and fathers grabbed their babies, put them into a fluff-pile and formed a protective circle, eight not counting babies, the toughies, and other battle fluffies, charged at the reject herd’s line numbering ten, and the other raced to the poopie fluffies, five mare all pregnant, and three poopie fluffies all terrified at the sudden battle. Galadriel finally cornered the smarty. The smarty swallowed a lump in his throat trees and rocks cornering him in fear. “Nao den wets not be hawsty…”

“Shut up.” The smarty shat himself. “You awe daw wostest smawty Fwuffy habs ebaw met, weww owd smawty was wose buh he wong gone.” “Pwees no huwties smawty am gud smawty.” Galadriel rolled her eyes, sat down, and curled her tail around her legs, “Weawy?” “Yesh smawty pwomise.” He was backed up into a tree stump. “Fwuffy saw dat ‘ou had bwon fwuffies in a cownew, aw de poopie eatews?” The smarty gulped, but Galadriel’s eyes penetrated him demanding the truth, “Yesh deh awe, buh dey aw poopie fwuffies, dat am wat dey aw fow.” Galadriel raised an eyebrow, “Dis am pointwess.” She stood up turned around and walked away, clicking her tail side to side, her teats in view swollen for her babies.

She walked one foot, when she felt the smarty bite down on her left teat, pulling away. Galadriel screeched in pain and horror. She wipped aroung and got punched in the face, “Dummeh mawe, soon ‘ou won be mommah, an’ den, ‘ou wiww be smawty’s nuw spechaw fewn.” Darkness swallowed Galadriel as she fainted from the pain.

Stallion vs. the Matriarch

Meanwhile, the two herds were battling fiercely, but the reject herd outnumbered, outmaneuvered, and just in general were better fighters; however, when the smarty saw this, he walked around the battle and headed to the nests. There were no guards, but there were alicorn mothers hugging, shushing, and nursing the herd’s babies. The smarty walked past them to the biggest nest, inside he found Galadriel’s three babies, and Galadriel’s mother. The old matriarch was fourteen years old, but was still a tough old girl.

She had once been an alicorn, but the old smarty, Gokan, had de-winged her in a ploy to be the only alicorn. Her horn was battered from the fluffy revolt against Gokan, but still useable. The matriarch looked the smarty in the eyes, “Who awe ‘ou. Fwuffy hab nebaw seen ‘ou befowe.” The smart puffed up his cheeks, “I am dah neu smawty ob dis hewd, noa wet smawty gib fowebah sweebes to poopie fwuffis.” The matriarch stared with a ‘really’ look on her face. She picked up the brown babies and place them on her back, the honey colored baby was sleeping at the entrance of the nest, out of the smarty’s view. The matriarch could not reach her, but she could keep his attention on her.

“If dummeh poopie smawty wan to gib mah gwand-babbehs fowebah sweepies, den smawty habs to go twough dew gwanny fiwst.” She spoke slowly, calmly, but she was scared, ‘Am to owd fow dis. Wai dew no fwuffies pwotecten dah newstie?’ She puffed her self up and slowly got into the battle stance, “Otay munstaw. Gwand Mommah am weady, bwing it.”

The level of defiance shocked the smarty, but one the less he grinned and began walking into the nest. The matriarch charged at the smarty. The smarty reared back using his wings to jump back and out of the way of the mare. He kept jumping and dodging out of the mare’s way. Eventually, she got tired and began panting, “Stahp mooven stoopie smawty.” The smarty puffed out his chest and cheeks. “Stoopy mawe,” he jumped, flapped and slammed down onto her back, killing her and the two brown babies.

He laughed triumphantly, and to secure his victory, turned around and shat on the three dead fluffies. He then trotted over to the second nest, but was stopped by yell. The smarty turned to see Galadriel’s special friend, charging full speed at him, one of wings damaged form the battle.

The Final Part of the Battle

The reject herd had triumphed over the other herd, and the losing party had either been killed, captured, of surrendered to the triumphant fluffies, and Galadriel’s mate was walking over to his babies, when he saw his ‘mommah’ in law’s defiled body, and then the smarty walking towards the second nest. He screamed in rage and ran at the smarty. The smarty flapped over the charging fluffy, “Dummeh monstaw fwuffy, smawty am winnaw. You’w dummeh smawty aweady defeated. Stoopi, GAG.” The slattion punched Smarty in the throat, turned, and bucked him in the face. Knocking out the smarty.

Galadriel awoke and began dragging herself back to her herd. One of the enemy’s poopie mares found her. She could not speak, she was born without vocal cords, but she could show kindness. The poopie mare saw how the reject herd treated their poopie mares, and had abandoned her herd. This mare came up to the wounded Galadriel, and licked her wound clean, stopping infection. She then helped Galadriel stand and walk back to her nest. The herd stopped and stood aside as Galadriel walked forward aided by this mare.

The is What we do with Smarties

The smarty awoke buried up to his head in dirt. Galadriel was in her nest recovering from her left teat being destroyed. The smarty turned to see his special friend being dragged into a bush, her legs bleeding. The smarty tried to cry out, but as soon as sound left his mouth, it was killed with feces. Galadriel’s mate turned and spat on the smarty. The smarty’s poopie nummers, effiee friends, and other rejected members of his herd came forth and shat on him. The poop began to pile up as more and more fluffies stepped forth and shat on him. The smarty swallowed the feces in his mouth and began begging for mercy, but by the time he finally did that, he was already buried alive.

The Aftermath

The smarty was suffocating in methane and vile scents; meanwhile, the members of his herd that were treated horribly, were, at first, terrified. But after spending only a few seconds with their new herd mates, they were happy, and ecstatic to aid them in finding the fluffies that fled from the battle. The herd had some losses, but those losses were made up. Galadriel mourned the loss of her two other babies, and the herd was sad for the loss of their matriarch.

The Arrival

Five days later Streak raced into the woods, her father lagged behind. She walked this way and that until she found the source of the fluffy smell. And well… we already know the rest.

I might actually start re-mastering my other stories, but until next time.

-<3 Aris. A.