Warhammer 40k: The Skettiland Chronicles--- Side Story 1: Never say Sketties again------Cmsn for Gibhuggies----Art by Inshi

after a long time and thanks to Gibhuggies I bring you this comic based on warhammer 40k, it has been hard work but I think the final result has been worth it

English version

Version en español

Do you have something in mind? Commissions are always open, just send me a MP contact and prices


Marvelous work my friend. Looking forward to the next collaboration.


By Dah Gowden Daddeh Chaiw!

Wonder if there’s an STC for FIuffies.


One of my favorite parts is towards the ends when you realize that the surviving special friend has witnessed at least 4 other fluffy families live and play, only to be taken away to the same fate and replaced yet again. He suffered for months before cultist let him die. And that was slow too!


There is! Grim will be broaching that subject in his next comic.


Yooo this is so great man, thank you! I really laughed my ass off at the chef explaining the warp! :ahahaha:
An extremely impressive amount of work at two dozen pages!!
Just like those fluffies - this comic is Well done!!
:ok_hand: :cook:


That was a great story.

Absolutely amazing, all the ways of suffering in it. Absolutely the 40K lore in the story, wow!

I don’t like abuse stories. Unfortunately, I can’t help but be intrigued as well. What does that say about me? I guess since it’s fictional, it’s OK. I prefer hugbox, preferably, but then again this is like Happy Tree Friends where we see cute and cuddly critters get killed.

Good job.

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Dear god, this is dementedly wonderful abuse work!

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Exceptional work!


That was incredible.


Also, Warhammer is fucking whack. Amazing, but whack.

We are so fucked that the grim dark future of 40th millenia looks like a sitcom to us :skull:


40k chef kisses

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I thought at the start that the screams of “SKETTIES!!!” were going to be harnessed as a Slaaneshi noise weapon.

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Loving it! shows em shitrat is nothing more but food for the soldiers! Luv and huggies are nothing you are breed for consumption!

The art is fantastic, but the story is horrifying. It pretty much captures the grimdark of 40k though, so well done.

Amazing work, I can only wonder how much time did it take ya to do that :0
IT’S AMAZING, SPECIally the Colors!


The hugbox version would be set on a Nurgle-oriented ship. Those Chaos Space Marines love and cherish their fluffies and even take them into battle with them. They can give some REALLY effective sorry poopies…