Washed Up Pt. 2 (BullFork)

The mare looked on at the other kennels, most of them filled with other fluffies while others were filled with humans and other critters. She wondered why the big munstah hoomins treated normal hoomins just like fluffies, they were practically the same, no? She’d be sure to ask her new friend once he woke up. Speaking of him, he was snoring the day away, maybe he’s tired from sickies, hoomins sometimes sleep their sickies away.

Some strix walked in and browsed the kennels, all the fluffies cowering in fear at the sight of them, some fluffies even making scaredy-peepees. The strix sighed in disgust at these oversized, rainbow hamsters, they were just as messy as pigs with no control over their bladders and colons, if not worse.

Ugh, he’s cleaning the kennels this time, I’m not touching anything these shit factories make. Welp, here’s your new home until we figure out what to do with you.”


A lemon colored stallion with a brown mane was tossed lightly into the kennel, standing back up and puffing up his cheeks at the strix as they left. The mare scurried back to her corner at the aggressiveness of this new addition, well, he did try to fend off those brutes, that’s pretty understandable as to why he was riled up.

“Whewe fwuffy? Sowwy woom? Why dummeh hoomin hewe? Dummeh s’pose to be on nu-sowwy side of sowwy woom…”

The mare approached the stallion carefully, the stallion looking over and raising his ears. He cocked his head, cautiously approaching her.

“Pwetty mawe kno why dummeh in sowwy woom…?”

“Nu kno, hoomins awe in wots of sowwy wooms hewe, munstah hoomins think hoomins awe wike fwuffies?”

“Stawwion hav idea… fwuffies use hoomin as big howsies an wun out hewe.“

“Nuu, hoomin nu fas, hoomin sweepies for pwaytime wif mawe.”

The stallion frowned, sitting down as he stared at Raymond, he still thought his idea was the perfect idea. They could be out of there in no time. He started tapping Raymond with a hoof, trying to wake him up.

“Wake up, dummeh! Fwuffy wan wun ‘way nao!”

“Nuu! Meanie stawwion nu wake up sweepy hoomin! Hoomin tuu tiwed!”

Raymond woke up to the hooves repeatedly tapping him on his head, pushing the stallion away tiredly. He sat up and tiredly looked down at this new fluffy, examining it as it smiled defiantly.

Raymond was now assaulted by his deepest, darkest thoughts. They manifested as a carosel horse, worn down and broken.

‘Carter…? No… you can’t be here, please…’

‘Raymond, you are famished, I’m trying to help you. There’s no food here, you have to eat one of these filthy beasts…’

Everything went down in Raymond’s thoughts, he wasn’t much of the talkative type. His mind and stomach were aimed at eating and surviving, but his heart told him not to, he didn’t want to take life away from something so harmless.

‘Imagine how this succulent pig would taste… rip away at its fur, bite down onto its tender flesh. You’d be doing your roommate a favor, she doesn’t like him because he’s being mean to you. Why not take the chance? One bite couldn’t hurt, right?’

Raymond was now assaulted by images of the stallion, dead and disemboweled, blood was everywhere in those images.

’So hungry…’


Raymond had grabbed ahold of the stallion and bit down on its back, not bothering to even rip the fluff off of the fluffy. The meat gave way easily, the rush was exhilarating, but something was wrong. He pulled away, the meat was much too sweet, he’d get the same sugar rush from those sugar-packed cereals at supermarkets. He looked on at the fluffy as it voided its bowels and thrashed in his arms. The mare was horrified by Raymond’s animalistic nature, hiding away in the corner and sobbing.


Raymond slammed the stallions head against the cold, concrete floor, crushing the fluffy’s skull. This rush had blinded him, he was too busy filling up on fluffy meat that the couple of strix from earlier came back.

“Holy shit, this one snapped…”

“Let’s just give everything its share of kibble now, I’ll call Jerry over for that, we can’t risk another of these. Take him to the washing room, put him in a muzzle and throw him back in.”

“Got it.”

The bigger strix of the two opened the kennel door and grabbed Raymond, snatching him off the floor and taking him away, with the strix’s coworker following right behind them. They had been careless enough to leave the kennel open, unaware that the mare was hiding away in the kennel…


I’m completely lost.


I have part one in my account, if you’d like you could read up on that one so this’d make sense, I hope you enjoy it!

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I know. I read it. Still lost.

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Oh, huh, anything you’d like for me to explain? I’d happily answer any questions you might have!

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Why is a clearly unhinged human locked up like an animal with fluffies? Why isn’t he in a psych ward? Why was he muzzled? None of it makes a lick of sense.

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Well, in this fantasy world of mine, there are a couple of extra creatures in along with the fluffies, humanoid and animal alike. Strix are one of these creatures, they wound up taking the spot as the apex animal from humans, taking everything with brute force and pushing humans down the stairs in the developmental race.

Psych wards do exist, but they’re mostly strix only now, they prefer to treat humans like animals because they don’t have to think or do as much when taking care of anything involving humans. Sure, there are some humans that haven’t been forced to live like savages or wild animals, but those are very few as the only humans that have been able to live hand in hand with strix have been ones that know how to set boundaries and have backup for when those boundaries are broken by the strix. Strix aren’t an easy group to keep under the control of manners and common decency, and as such one needs to fight fire with fire in these cases.

As for Raymond being muzzled, that’s to avoid any more accidents involving his hunger and fluffies, as some of these fluffies could’ve been valuable, even if they’re just alley fluffs. Strix don’t miss a chance to make money, no way no how.

Hopefully this answers your questions, but don’t be afraid to tell me otherwise! I tend to be all over the place, and I’m trying to fix that.