Washed up Pt. 5 (BullFork)

Raymond approached the ruckus between the smarty’s two tuffies and what seemed to be a coyote. Raymond looked over to the smarty with a face that screamed ”I’m not doing this, how are you so weak?”. The smarty cocked a brow at Raymond’s hesitation, snorting aggressively to get Raymond to deal with that vicious beast.

Raymond sighed before going in to help the tuffies fight against the coyote, his thoughts flaring up at the mere thought of hurting something again.

‘Oh goodie goodie! Think of all the things you could do to this foe… You could strangle it, or beat it until your hands are covered in blood, maybe break its snout against the ground-… Or just do that, that works just as well…’

Carter was rambling on excitedly until Raymond chased the coyote off as he waved his arms, now disappointed in him.

‘Come on, you’ve killed things twice your size back when you were at war, what made that measly hound any different from those br-‘

‘A coyote hunts to eat, those lumbering idiots hunt for fun…’

Raymond drowned Carter out with reasoning, something Carter was not happy with. How dare Raymond treat him with such disrespect? He’s been the reason that Raymond had stayed alive without any help up till now!

‘Oh shut up, Raymond…’

The tuffies looked up at Raymond and scoffed, walking back to the herd as they muttered to each other about Raymond not being as good as them. Raymond just shook his head and headed towards the smarty, who pointed him towards his sleeping spot.


His sleeping spot was with the outcasts of the herd, the so-called poopie colors. Brown and dark green fluffies prepared for and went to sleep, accepting Raymond as he laid with them. He fell asleep slowly, finding it uncomfortable to sleep on the ground as the grass poked at and tickled his body, making it itchy…


Morning came and the mare woke up, looking for Raymond for a nice day of foraging. She couldn’t find him, not with the poopie fluffies, not with the pwetty fluffies, not even on his own nearby.

“Hoomin! Mawe nee yu!! Hoomin?!”

She called out for Raymond, waking a few fluffies in the process. The smarty came along and huffed, annoyed by the mare’s loud calling.

“Shush! Dummeh mawe bwing munstahs tu hewd!”

“Bu… bu metaw-mouf hoomin nu hewe! Nu wotsa nummies wif nu hoomin!”

“Huh…? Mawe wait, one of smawty’s tuffies nu hewe wike hoomin… If hoomin giv foweba sweepies tu tuffie, smawty giv yu foweba sweepies wif sowwy hoofsies!”

The mare gulped at what the smarty would do if he saw Raymond with one of his tuffies dead. They both walked off once the smarty discovered tracks leading to a tree, sniffing and looking around.

Blegh, pee-pees… tuffie ow hoomin wewe hewe, made pee-pees on twee, hoofsies on gweenies wead tu deepew pawt of fowest…”

The smarty went ahead and got his remaining tuffy before following the mare to the deeper parts of the forest. Looking through the bushes, no sign of either of them. Eventually the smarty stopped in his tracks, urging the mare to do the same, looking up at the branches of the tree.

Raymond’s muzzle… It hung off a branch, the wiring dripping blood with what seemed to be fur stuck to it.

The mare looked on in shock, looking around desperately for Raymond. She eventually found him, covering his mouth as the missing tuffie fluffy rode atop his back. The smarty walked towards the two, confused as to what exactly one of his bodyguards was thinking.

“Wat tuffie doin’?? Tuffie pwotect smawty!”

“Tuffie nu wisten to ou! Tuffie stwongew an fas nao wif hoomin! Hoomin smawt wike smawty tuu!“

The smarty’s bodyguard had been corrupted by the endless power he had when he had Raymond all to himself. He pointed a hoof at the smarty and snorted, threatening Raymond to attack. Raymond wasn’t really scared, not one bit, but he decided to play along.

As Raymond got closer, it was apparent that the tuffie had been injured, a bite mark on its leg suggested that it made a one-sided blood pact with Raymond. Raymond went ahead and grabbed the smarty, the smarty thrashing in his grip.

Raymond winked at the smarty, even though the smarty didn’t understand such a gesture, being put on his back and smeared with blood from the blood pact was enough to send a message that Raymond wanted to trick the tuffie into thinking that the smarty had been harmed. The smarty then screeched as loud as he could, not as loud as a genuine screech of pain, but enough to pass.

“SCREEEEEEEEE, BIGGES OWWIES!! Huu huu… smawty see bwight…”

He went limp, pretending to be dead, horrifying the tuffie and the mare that had accompanied the smarty. The mare looked up at Raymond in shock, backing up before standing up to him.

“BAD! BAD HOOMIN!! SMAWTY NU AM NUMMIES! Huu huu… nao mawe nu hav nice hewd nu mowe.”

She got angry, then hopeless, sobbing afterwards. She was so eager to prove herself to the smarty so she could join the herd…

The tuffie then got off Raymond, limping over to the smarty and smiling defiantly.

Haw haw! Tuffie am bettah than smawty!! …Huh?”

The fluffy sniffed at the smarty before realizing that it was a ruse, being grabbed by Raymond and held up in the air.

“Screeeeee! Bad upsies!”

The tuffie tried attacking Raymond, unaware that the smarty had gotten up. He snorted like an angry bull.

“Hoomin… make tuffie fwuffy into hoomin nummies…”

Raymond looked over to the tuffie in his grip, drooling at the thought of a meal so soon after the first one he had in days. The tuffie voided its bowels and screamed before Raymond ripped at its throat, he began eating as if he had been starved for weeks. The smarty looked on, watching until Raymond finished eating, now cocking his head towards the direction of the herd to get back to them before anything bad happened.