Wawa.......gud fo Fwuffy? by SnakevsFluffy

“Nu, nu, nuuuuuuuuuu! Nu wawa, wawa bad fo fwuffy, bad fo Gwape!” The fat purple unicorn mare with a pretty green mane yelled as she wriggled and squirmed in your grasp. You sighed as you took her to get washed in the adoption center’s backrooms. She was a feral that had just been taken in off the streets. As such, she was covered in dirt, dust, and her own feces. So needless to say, she needed to be scrubbed down so that she would eventually be adopted. ALSO needless to say is that fluffies hate water, albeit for good reason considering they can drown in about an ince of water if left alone and if stupid enough.

So instead of making the second wave of fluffies LESS stupid or LESS drownable, all Hasbio did was give the fluffy morons an insane fear of water.

Which brings us back to you and your job.

Washing a fluffy isn’t exactly hard, its just mostly them complaining, bitching, shitting and pissing in fear due to the water itself, that sort of garbage. No, the hard part is getting them NOT to fear baths.

See, fluffies are an ocean of contridictions. On one hand, they love being clean and “Smewwin’ pwetty!”, but on the other hand water scares them so damn much that they don’t WANNA be clean.

So your job is to not only clean the fluffies in the shelter, but to teach that that wawa is their friend and good for them! Well, within reason, you don’t want the brain damaged pig horse children to end up dying due to a lack of fear of water.

Man, fluffies are complicated.

“Pwease pwease pwease pweaaaaaaasssseeee, nu gib Gwape wawa baffies! Dey maek Gwape gu foewba sweepies wike Gwape’s bwudda’s and sissies did! Pwease nice wound wady, wet odda fwuffie gib Gwape wickie cweanies instead!”

Did…did Grape just call you fat? Yeah, yeah she did in her own innocent fluffy way. Sadly, this was a strict no corperal punishment shelter, so you couldn’t just sorry stick her purple ass for that remark. It was weird, you would never ever think of hitting a kid for misbehaving, but fluffies? You would sorry stick their asses raw for really messing up.

“Look who’s talking, tubs. You’re a purple bowling ball…” You could however say shit like that, as long as it wasn’t TOO harsh. “Anyway, no. Lickie Cleanies wouldn’t be enough to clean you up, so into the wawa it is.”

Grape screamed even louder upon hearing that, throwing a saddened tantrum in your pillowy arms. “HEWP GWAPE, HEWWWWWPPPP, MEANIE WOUND MUNSTA WADY GUN GIB FOWEBA SWEEPIES TU GWAPE IN WAWA, HEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWP!”

Annnnnnnd, she just shit on your leg in a panic. During the summertime. When you’re wearing shorts and not jeans.


“Grape, I’m NOT going to hurt you. I just wanna clean you up and make you look nice. You already look VERY pretty, dontcha wanna look prettier? I know a loooooooot of handsome stallions out there that wouldn’t wanna have babbehs with a dirty looking mare. They only want very pretty special friends who smell verrrrrrry good.” You decided to lead her on. Fluffies were pretty greedy creatures at their core, so letting them know that doing something would get them a nice reward was a great incentive. For every mare, that was babbehs and a special friend.

“Babbehs?! Yuu sae babbehs?! Wound wady gon gib babbehs tu Gwape if Gwape get baffies and wawa tu smeww pwetty?!” She excitedly said, her previous terror wiped away in an instant.

“Yup. Stop calling me round lady, though.”

“Otay, wound wady!”


Getting into the backroom, you sat her down in a large sink and began to get out the soap and shampoo and all that shit.

Turning on the water, you tried to ignore her screams of terror as the warm liquid slowly rose up to her purple legs before turning the water off.


You pulled out a rubber ducky and put on a silly voice.

“Hey Grape! It’s me! Ducky McCuck! How are ya?!”

Entranced by the talking duck and not even noticing the sounds were coming from your own moving mouth, she quickly calmed down, though she was still shaking in panic. “Hewwo mistah McCuck! Gwape scawdsies abou wawa! Wound Wady say dat wawa not bad fo fwuffies an wiww maek Gwape smeww pwett an get babbehs…bu Gwape stiww scawed…Gwape seesies bwuddas and sissies faww into wawa wen bein chased by meanie bawky munsta. Dey neba cum out of wawa…huu huu huuu, Gwape miss dem suuuuuuuu muchsies.”

“Awww, I’m sorry to hear that, Grape. But I assure you, this nice lady won’t let you go forever sleepies. In fact, she’s gonna teach you that wawa can be fun! Gwape…how does the wawa feel? Doesn’t it feel nice and warm? Plus its not giving you hurties at all.” Ducky McCuck explained to the purple mare.

Glancing around at the water she was in, Grape sat in thought for a good 30 seconds, her little fluffies mind going over the information she had just been given by the talking plastic waterfowl. For a bit you worried that you might have overloaded her mind, when she suddenly responded in a soft tone.

“It…it nut? It nut! Yuu wite mistah McCuck! Wawa nu gib huwties tu Gwape! Hao yu du dat wit wawa?” She cocked her head to the side.

Pulling Ducky away, you spoke in your own voice again. “Its human magic that only us humans can do. Now, wawa can STILL be dangerous, but as long as you’re with a human, like me, you’ll be safe and sound. Understand?”

Grape nodded. “Gwape tink Gwape undasawnd.”

“Good, now lets get you allllll cleaned up!”

That had gone MUCH MUCH MUCH easier then some of the other fluffies you’d had to bathe and teach. Some simply could not understand what you were talking about or couldn’t fathom wawa not hurting them. In fact, you had a few that had died in the sink, either from actually drowing due to panic, or from stress induced heart attacks.

God, Hasbio made these things on the fucking cheap.

For the next ten minutes you lathered Grape up, scrubbed her down, and turned her from a dirty feral into a spiffy house fluffy, ready to be adopted into a loving home.

“See, that wasn’t so bad now, was it?” You said, smiling at the little shit. Well, a little shit who you SORTA liked.

“Nup! Wawa stiww a wittle scawy, buh wen hoomun dewe, it nu suh badsies! Awso wook, Gwape smeww suuuuuuu pwetty!” She giggled as you dried her off and took her out of the room and into her new home for the time being, a nice big pen with a bunch of other fluffies to play with! All females of course, you didn’t want her getting knocked up. She was still a young adult fluffy and an easy target for the dreaded “Bitch Mare Syndrome.”

“Bye bye mistah McCuck! Gwape gun miss yuu!”

“Oh don’t worry, you’ll see him again soon. You fluffies sure do know how to get filthy.”

She then looked up at you with her big yellow eyes. “Gwape…Gwape sowwy fo cawwin yu a munsta, wound wady. Yuu nu munsta, yuu a nice wady!”

“Why thanks Grape. That means a lot to me. Also, call me Sally.”

“Otay miss Sawwy! Wub yuu!”

You rolled your eyes and sighed a bit as you lowered her into the pen, the other mares waddling up to greet their new playmate.

“Yeah, love you too…I guess.”


Ducky McCuck

but no seriously its a nice lil’ hugbox story, although i would prefer seeing the mare drown (suddenly) but its still nice! have a good 1


Nah, Grape will live a long happy life and love wawa while also being careful around it.


Are you an abuser of a neutral boxer?

I do completely agree tho


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Its the best box!