Weggies in a jar and 3 types of reactions to them. (by: artist-kun)


I really like the red one. I think it would live, if I made the decision.


The middle is ready to be dip in acid :smiling_imp: will that rude shoutin sign of going smarty? Brave and dumb.

I feel sorry the other two. :cry:


Tosses all three into a shallow pool of hydrochloride acid and watches them burn alive as samael brings popcorn


pops jar open and takes out a leg and pops it in my mouth
mmmm pickled foal legs

This one looks like a experiment to see the reactions of the fluffies being raised in different environments
Red:Probably a disciplined babbeh that was taught the concept of rules,he probably thinks there was a rule he didn’t know/remember and he broke it
Purple:Was raised as an smartie by a herd or human to do this and thinks it’s not fair
Blue:Feral who is scared of humans,he is trying to find a reasoning that respects the fluffies perspective of the world

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Pickled fluffy feet. Remove the fluff and it may not taste half bad.