Weirrdbok (L.AVaught)

be le based nihilist

nothing matters

fuck hugboxers and abusers for caring about things

life is pointless

you tell yourself

recreate Yugoslav wars with fluffies

like spent thousands of dollars just to get everything right

including teaching them Bosnian and Serbian
and giving em guns
and explaining Islam and Christianity to them.

you are now broke

that is ok because your contempt for everything extends to yourself

only dumbass bitches have personal attachments to things

pretend to be a siamang because they’re pointless

just like you

you tell yourself that everything is pointless

just because you’re definitely sure you are

who gives a shit

hugboxer and abuser stereotypes die in an alley

lol as you sit in that same alley dying of diseases from the rats and fluffies you eat

you call them value meals

cough some more

rock yourself to sleep saying that it’s all a joke

just a big fucking joke

and that you except that it’s a joke

that you can’t be hurt because nothing matters

if you destroy all sincerity nothing can hurt you right!

Hera turns you into a mink

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Now lets recreate star wars with fluffies.
“Wuke, fwuffy am 'ou daddeh…”

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