Welcome to Fluffymart! (Artist: Carpdime) (Fb: 25247)


Another one of Carp’s more famous dioramas, depicting a cross-section of a typical fluffymart. Of note is the inclusion of an amputation area, as “pillowing a fluffy” was a trend in the hivecanon at the time, and something that Carp adopted then.

This post is pending further information, whether it is from a retrievable archive or from the artist himself.


Gotta love the de-legging platform for pillowing.


Classic. “sold by weight” always cracks me up for some reason.


I love these, but I have to question the wisdom of doing something like pillowing

  1. In front of customers
  2. Near other fluffies, where they can hear the inevitable screaming.

Still fun to think about though.


Like I said, this was at a time when “pillowing” was common in fluffy canons, especially among abusers and neutralboxers. Carp’s depictions of fluffymarts in recent years may have less to no pillowing.

It’s also good to remember that the pillowing fad came about because of a specific story on the booru at the time that led to the trend.


Why are the best colored foals sold by weight?

“No, madam, we do not have any rape pits or sacrificial blood pentagrams.
This is not a fluffy daycare”.


Why would you buy a full grown fluffy rather then a foal

I think you misread or mistyped. The bad colored foals are the ones sold by weight, because they’re used as reptile food etc.


Some people may want a fluffy as a pet and not go through the trouble of raising it as a foal. It could also be a rehabilitated feral. From what I understand, when it comes to pet buying, people usually get a pet “as an adult”, whether its a cat, a dog or a parrot.


In real life, people like me adopt adult animals because there are so many that need homes. People in fluffy verse are more like people in the real world who buy pets from breeders. They are immoral, uncaring people who just want a pet who looks a certain way and doesn’t care about health problems or the dozens of adult animals at their local shelter who need homes. BUT, there are still people who opt for fully grown fluffies because even though they are biotoys, there are fully grown ones who need homes, even if they would prefer foals.

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It’s a joke. I like the more natural colored fluffies :slight_smile:

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Ah. I actually just recently started to catch myself answering rhetorical questions almost every day, and routinely miss jokes which are questions. I might be slightly autistic lol

this is awesome work!