Well Now I Don't Want To [By MuffinMantis]

The man towering over the fluffy laughed with sadistic pleasure, elated at the prospect of all the horrible things he was going to do once the poor creature was back in his lair. After a particularly harsh winter, ferals were hard to come by, and stores and shelters had been cracking down on letting known abusers get fluffies. It was going to be a fun, fun night.

The dejected fluffy was carried into the saferoom, carefully constructed to be ideal for fluffies. He preferred his victims to be happy and relaxed before he broke them. Setting the fluffy down, he prepared his torture room.

About an hour later, the fluffy was strapped to the bench, staring blankly at his capturer. Strangely enough, in spite of the stench of blood and fear in the room, he seemed completely calm and disinterested. Something was off about this fluffy. Oh well, nothing a little threatening couldn’t fix.

“You know what I’m going to do to you, don’t you?”


“I’m going to make you suffer.”


“Then, I’m going to give you forever-sleepies!”

“REAWWY? Tank ‘ou! ‘ou can’t undastand wut it’s wike, wivin’ wif dis cwuel mockewy of intewwigence! Nu hands, bu’ a mind dat demands intewaction! Nu stwength, bu’ a need to hab an impact! Tank ‘ou su much! Fwuffy’s wanted to die fow su wong, bu’ nu can eben du dat pwopewwy, an’ nu hoomins ow munstahs wud hewp!”


“Pwease huwwy! Fwuffy nu can stand dis misewy nu mowe! Pwease, fwuffy cwaves obwivion! Nu mind huwties if ‘ou pwomise tu kiww fwuffy! Wiww act wike fwuffy am scawed an’ huwt if it hewps.”

Well, that ruined it. He had to be to unluckiest abuser in the world. It just wasn’t the same if his subject was just pretending. He wanted genuine terror, for God’s sake!

“You know what? Because of that I won’t. I’m going to take good care of you and make sure you live a long, long life.”


“I wanted one thing, and you ruined it, so now you don’t get what you want. Oh, and don’t bother trying to die, the saferoom is 100% fluffy proof.”

“Pwease, mistuh! At weast weave an ewectwicaw cabwe fow fwuffy tu chew on!”

Come to think of it, this could be pretty fun. It might be interesting to try to keep the fluffy alive as long as possible, and it would save him the trouble of finding more fluffies. Yes, this could be interesting after all. Now the little guy just needed a fitting name…

“I think I’ll call you Phoenix, after the undying bird!” he cried, quivering with laughter.

“Oh, fuck 'ou!”

[Come to think of it this could be a pretty funny miniseries with Phoenix desperately trying to find ways to outsmart his new daddeh and die.]




This is the start of something great. Reverse abuse. The human must stop the fluffy from self forever sleepies.


A masochist walks up to a sadist and says, “Hurt me.”

The sadist says, “No.”


Actually, another approach could be that the fluffy is really running a con on the human to get a place to stay and food to eat. This fluffy is showing a really advanced vocabulary and syntax usage compared to the average fluffy dimwit.

Kind of a “Br’er Rabbit and the Briar Patch” scheme could be going on here. It could be really funny if done well.


@A-S And like no matter how phoenix tries, death avoids him and his abuser always gets the end of anything the fluffy tries to kill himself.

Thats gonna be a hilarious scene of course the abuser dont die he just get tortured :rofl:


That would be awesome too. The fluffy acting desperate but at night revels in the safety of his new home.

Yeah, like, the fluffy sets a chain of books to fall on him (looney tunes style) and the abuser pushes him away, getting hit instead. Cue in the evening the man with some ice on his head, while the fluffy is sulking in a corner.


Yup thata how it will be a never ending cycle :joy::rofl:


Please do go right ahead with a little miniseries. :grin: