Wendy's Nightmare 4 [End] (By: Kersploosh)

Life was not looking up for Wendy the pillow fluff. Her first babies were killed by her brown monster baby(well not really, but she is just stupid enough to think he did), her second litter was taken away from her before she could even see most of them, her legs were gone, and her mummah was dead. Now she was pregnant as fuck yet again. This time though, she no longer had a saferoom, but was shoved in a broom closet while her foals got the nice comfy saferoom. Not that she cared much anymore. She was dangerously close to the wan die loop, but all the pain would be worth it when she finally got to see her children.

Meanwhile, Beatrice and Johnny were going to a support group for abused children and teens to work out their problems. Johnny had become an introvert and only talked to his fluffy, Felix, and Beatrice had been caught skinning a feral stallion alive in the back yard. It was through this therapy that both the siblings started to open up. Beatrice first felt a little guilty complaining about his mother when the one teen revealed himself to have a completely scarred back from all the beatings he used to get. However, both this boy and the others assured her that just because it wasn’t physical abuse didn’t mean it wasn’t actual abuse.

The two eventually became friends and started to hang out more. He eventually introduced Beatrice to his fluffy, Sunshine, who was the most well behaved and kind fluffy they had ever met. This boy, who was named Luke, described how he had been depressed and suicidal at the time she found him and pulled him back from the brink. Beatrice was impressed that a fluffy could do so much and began to rethink his world view on them. Still there was no was way he could give up abuse completely, the feeling of having power over something was too exhilarating to give up.

The day that Wendy gave birth, she was so excited. She had been a model fluffy and never complained through out the whole pregnancy. Slowly six chirping foals came into the world, they were crying and chirping to be cleaned and fed. “Mummah’s hewe babbehs, evwyting am otay.” Those comforting words would mean nothing if no one showed up to save them from a slow death. Then the door opened and Beatrice entered. “Pwease widdwe daddeh, babbehs nee’ wicky cweanies and miwkies.” Beatrice simply grabbed the foals and left Wendy alone in the dark. “Pwease, wet mummah see babbehs she cried, jus’ wan tu gib wub. Huuhuuhuu.”

About an hour later, Beatrice returned and grabbed Wendy by the scruff of her neck. She was then dragged outside, far away from her foals who were napping in the saferoom. “I have some good news for you Wendy, today was the last time you have to stay in that dark room alone.”

“Weawy?! Mummah git tu see babbehs?” Hope started to glint in her eyes.

“No, turns out your foal that has a dick on their face was worth a lot of money to a condom company.”

“Wha’ dat mean?” She was visibly confused.

“It means we’re getting out of the breeding business. Once your children are sold, then the only fluffy left will be Felix.”

“Su wat dat mean?” The hope was fading from her eyes.

“Well I was just going to kill you, but then I remembered that Frank might have a use for you.” Beatrice walked up to Frank’s door as he was finishing explaining things to the now sobbing fluffy. “Oh, and just so you know Wendy, Felix didn’t kill your other foals, I did.” A quick knock on the door and one handshake later, and Beatrice was one pillow lighter. He didn’t have much time to talk as he was on his way to the courthouse for a name change.

Frank carried the pillow fluff into a small room with a couple mares that were playing with and feeding their children. “Now I normally wouldn’t keep a pillowfluff like you, but you produce good foals.” He sets her down on a work bench. “However, I can’t have you corrupting your kin.” Frank took a serrated pole and shoved it down her throat. When he was done he dropped some liquified instaheal gel down her throat, causing her to cough and sputter.

Wendy tried to talk, to beg to see her babies, but only a weird screeching came out. First she lost her babies, then she lost her leggies, then she lost her nice saferoom, and now she lost her tawkie place. Frank set her on the floor and she felt a familiar presence behind her. “Hewwo cun’.” The monster fluffy was behind her and going to give her bad enfies again! Without missing a beat, Parker mounted her and raped her. If she was a good fluffy, he would have been nice like their first meeting. After she tried to rip out his wing, all bets were off and she deserved nothing but pain in his eyes.

He took about fifteen minutes to finish. Every second had felt like an eternity, and this would be how she lived for the rest of her life. Giving birth and being impregnated again that day. She would never get to interact with her foals, only to see them being taken care of by other mares that they would call mummah. The being pregnant constantly was the only thing keeping her out of the wan die loop. The tummy-babies constantly gave her small amounts of hope, that was ripped away instantly like clockwork. She lived one year like this before she rolled herself off a shelf and broke her neck. She was unceremoniously dropped in the trash with no fucks given.

Meanwhile Beatrice was moving into his own home that he bought with his half of the profits from the foals. A few new neighbors came up to say hello.

“Welcome to the neighborhood Mr. Crier,” said a bubbly middle aged woman.

“Please, you can call me Bob.”


Is this Bob’s background?

By the way, love Wendy’s fate.


Good to see this is Bob’s history. Makes sense when I was reading that part of their love for abuse through and through.

Still, it’s a bit interesting of an attitude of having an abusive upbringing to have a fondness of abuse. I mean, from what I understand that happens to people when they grow up (though much more dire and dark in that it’s abuse of their children).

I do want to ask about a fluffy having a wan die loop when they have no voice. Kind of hard to know their loss of hope when they are just wheezing.


Yes, I didn’t want to say it from the beginning. His last name isn’t mentioned much, I think once or twice. Also, Johnathon from ‘The walls were alive with the sound of chirping’ is the same Johnathon from this story.


It would be more of a refusal to eat or drink as a sign. Or attempting suicide.


Ohhh that’s Bob :exploding_head: !? Awesome so this is origin, nice ending.

Well wendy goes through a lot and only a cabinet ended her … rip

Nice ending and the revelation.


When Luke was mentioned it clicked for me. Great work. :+1:t2:

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